Mine first

Here's another one of those competition games you seem to like so much. If you've done all the exercises and played all the games posted so far, you may not find a worthy rival for this one. Being unrivaled can be as boring and unproductive as having too many rivals. The only solution is to contact other Sexyloopers that are into doing these exercises and propose practicing and competing together. I do this quite often and occasionally get a sound drubbing. Cruel but true.

One of the contestants straightening the leader before the gameNecessary equipment

None. Finally did it. You don't need anything at all. The pure essence of Zen fly casting. Well, except for the rods and a piece of yarn. And of course an opponent. But we'll get there some day. It's just a matter of time until we can do without even these. You both have to use rods and lines of the same weight. And even more important, your leaders have to be the same length and thickness. They should be particularly long, say... 13 feet.


Immediate: To get your tag to land before your opponent's. If it's windy, position yourselves to cast into it.
Short term: To develop a good technique for casting into the wind.
Very long term: To always want a head wind to be able to achieve maximum fulfillment as a flycaster and feel good about yourself.


You and your opponent stand side by side. Place your tags 10 yards away. Make sure your lines are parallel with no slack. You both pick up at the same time, make three false casts and land. You have to do everything in synchrony, especially the last forward cast. The first tag to land wins a point for the caster. The first to get 25 points wins.


The technique you want to develop is the same as in the through-the-hoop exercise (coming soon). Now, though, you have to accelerate the tempo a little more and get the tightest loop and the steepest descending rod-tip path possible if you want to win.

Harder yet

You can lengthen the casting distance or your leaders or both.


Both contestants in the middle of the road. Mine will land first!!