Goodbye Wriggles
There they go

Use: This cast gives you slack line at the end only and you can easily control the amount and length of it. In spite of being a slack line cast, it has the advantage of good control even with moderate wind, something the sky drop cast lacks.

Execution: with a low backcast, make a high front cast. Immediately after the forward stop, send three or four wriggles down the line. They have to travel all the way to the end before the line touches the water. Those wriggles are easy to send down the line with tiny, back-and-forth, horizontal flicks of the rod tip (micro-wrist).

Controlling the variables:

  • Quantity of wriggles: equal to the number of horizontal flicks of the rod tip.
  • Size of the wriggles: the larger the flicks, the larger the wriggles.


If it doesn't come out right, it's because...

  • You waited too long after the forward stop before sending the wriggles, which didn't have time of travel all the way to the end.
  • You still haven't mastered the basic wriggle cast. Practice that first.

A little trick that can help you
While the line is still in the air and falling, give the line a little jerk with your line hand. This way it'll retract a bit and easily fall in a nice wriggly pattern.

Carlos Azpilicueta