The Fly: Revisited


Here we have the birth of a new chapter in Sexyloops' history, a fly tying experience not seen since the birth of the last one.

Ok, so the concept is about 6 months old now, but thatís beside the point. The primary reason behind this groundbreaking change is that most fly tying resources on the web arenít very good. There are only one or two that really cut the mustard, and even they are slightly out of date. A bit harsh? Yes, but hell, I hate mustard anyway so Iíd rather be honest than reasonable.

Iím not saying weíre any better right now, despite being about as much fun as you can have standing up, but what we do have is the scope for development and the imagination to move forward. What this means is a serious re-think of methodologies and presentation, a shake up so drastic it even involves a list of aims and objectives.

The big picture

The aim of this has always been to get you started and in a position from which you can progress and blossom into a demigod of fly tying. This is easier said than done, as I have now come to the conclusion that most people either donít want to become a demigod of fly tying, or think they already are. This isnít what we really want. Beginner has always been the key word here, although more often than not this concept has been lost to the piles fur a feather residing in the bottom of my bin.

As a result of this the current section is going to be completely broken down and re-invented (cycled) with the beginner in mind. The driving force behind this has come about via the realisation that things havenít really followed a plan for quite a long time, which on reflection isnít really all that bad, as it has proved to be a very interesting experience. However, the time has come to get organised, or in other words, to put into perspective what has actually been achieved over the last 18 months and what hasnít.


Tying flies is easy, it really is, but I know full well that you donít believe me. You see thatís the problem with the whole thing, belief. By which I donít mean in youíre ability to do something perfectly, but in your ability to form your own conceptual framework and build a continually shifting base of ideas.

Not so long ago I said there were no wrongs in fly tying. I have since decided that this is not true, there are quite a few wrongs in fly tying, but fortunately for us they arenít really anything to worry about. This is not fly-casting, in that world perfection, or whatever you perceive it to be, is beneficial. The more fish you reach, the more fish you will catch, period. In fly tying there is a little more leeway. A big fat mess does not necessarily equate to a big fat failure. The question you should be asking yourself is, ďwhat do we mean when we talk of imitation?Ē

This, along with many others, is a question that will be answered over the next few weeks/months/years/infinity and will provide the underlying theme for much of the discussions put forward.

But firstÖ

I will be working through the initial tools and materials articles, adding a little, snipping a little and just generally engaging in a little sexyfication. The real changes will come about through technique and tying, which is basically the new format.

The former comprising of a collection small pages, each dedicated to a specific tying technique, whilst the latter will show the flies that can be created using the aforementioned methods. Simple! Each tying step is linked to its associated method in the technique section. Those who donít want the extra info can just read the basic instructions, whilst those needing extra help can find it at the click of a button.

Itís all very modular, there may even be something called image mapping in it. Ohooooo!

But thatís enough for now; you know whatís happening

  • New chapter
  • New tools
  • Bit more fluff
  • 7 technique sections including 38 sub sections
  • 8 yes *8*, new flies
  • More remarkably professional photography, including water shots (please enquire within, prices vary accordingly)
  • A photo of me
  • All new editing methodology (dictionary)
  • Pop-up public hair warnings Ė child safe.
  • Roughage
  • And finally, for all you crazy Danish people out there Ė all new Frank Zappa soundtrack


Ben Spinks studies fishery science, "I have to complete 3 environmental survey reports, 2 netting operations, 4 exams and a seminar on lake restoration. This is insane, I only went to uni for sex, drugs, rock and roll and sex" and is our flytying moderator on the bulletin board. He also ties a mean fly... so what are you waiting for, ladies?

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