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The Oreti Needs Your Help!

October 18th, 2014 No comments

Much of the following is from an email from Chris Dore..

As part of the “Round The Mountain Cycle trail” the developers wish to push up to 60,000 cyclists per year through the Oreti Valley in Southland, New Zealand. This is also one of New Zealand’s (and the worlds) top trophy trout producing rivers. Aside from angling, visitors rate highly the wild, natural and scenic environment of the upper valley through the ‘walk only zone’, the location of the proposed cycle track.

Whether you have visited this area in the passed or whether it is on your wish list, please write a submission mentioning how you feel about sending in bulldozers and extracting gravel from quarries to be excavated in this valley, and the resulting cycle trail and proposed bridge across this most remote and untouched area, also how the construction, maintenance and daily cycling tours through the valley may affect your desire to visit this stunning location.

There is a perfectly viable, more cost efficient and lesser environmentally damaging route available down through the Mararoa river valley which simply makes more sense. The Oreti is one of the best trophy trout waters on earth and should not be jeopardized. It’s that simple.

Submissions close Nov 3rd and can be emailed to in a word document following the general format of the prescribed RMA submission form ( form 13) located in the link below. Even a couple of sentences will make a difference.

Anyone can submit on this, including international interests and it’s important we do so.

Mention you are supportive of the cycle trail with the exception of the proposed route from the Mt Nicolas road bridge, down through the Oreti valley including the proposed bridge spanning the river and associated structures. There is a viable and less disruptive route available down the Mararoa with the safety of a nearby road should cyclists get into trouble.

The natural landscape of the upper Oreti valley is highly important to the amenity value of the Oreti, and aside from the world class trophy brown trout fishery, draws hikers, hunters, bird watchers and mountain bikers who appreciate the remoteness of this location, the wild and natural landscape with relative ease of access.

Submission forms can be downloaded here…

Here is a template..

Submission on Application Publicly Notified
(Form 13 under Resource Management (Forms, Fees and Procedures) Amendment Regulations
Sections 96, 97 and 127(3), Resource Management Act 1991

To: Southland District Council
Name of Submitter: JOE BLOGGS
This is a submission on an application from Southland District Council for a resource consent (or for a change or cancellation of a condition of a resource consent) to: Construct and operate the Around the Mountain Cycle Trail.
The specific parts of the application that my submission relates to are: The Construction and operation of a cycle trail from the Mt Nicolas Road bridge, down through the upper Oreti Valley to centre hill, the proposed bridge across the Oreti river, and buildings throughout the trail in this area.

My Submission is:
I have no problem with the cycle trail as a whole. It’s just the proposed section from Mt Nicholas bridge to Center Hill that should not be allowed. This IS one of the BEST trophy trout waters in the world and should not be jeopardized. The construction, maintenance and use of the area as a cycle trail would only detract from and possibly ruin this amazing fishery. I ask that the Mararoa valley be used instead. I can’t stress enough the importance of this section of the Oreti as an accessible trophy trout water for visitors and locals alike.

I seek the following decision from the consent authority: That the application is not approved while containing the section of cycle trail running from the Mt Nicolas road bridge, down through the upper Oreti Valley downstream to and including the proposed bridge across the Oreti river Iinking to the track along centre hill road.

I do not wish to be heard in support of my submission. (Or I do)

Signature of submitter:
Contact person:
Address for service of submitter:
Telephone: Fax / email:

Thanks all…