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Chris and Amy’s Wedding..

February 21st, 2010 No comments

Its been a great week here in Queenstown! A bit too much drinking but weddings have a tendency for doing that.. We had a big night before the stag, then the stag itself, then the next night, then the wedding itself. The stag night was eventful, it included pub golf.. all drinks were given a par, i.e Guinness was a par 3 which meant it had to be downed in 3… i did better than that, most did actually! The night also included cops but i wont go into that.. it might well pop up on sexyloops tv though! Chris (groom), Emma (the best man), Myself and Paul (groomsmen) went out with Craig Hind in his boat the Barron for some fishing and a barbecue on the day of the stag do. Not your average fishing trip! Special thanks to Craig, he runs a Charter service out of Queenstown. From the weather to Chris and Amy’s family and friends the wedding day was a great success! I wish the married couple all the very best and a lifetime of happiness together..

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Back in NZ…

February 15th, 2010 2 comments

Paul and I are back in the land of the long white cloud and big fish.. We filmed and edited a great show about tailers in Tasmania this week. Unfortunatly only about an hour from uploading the show to youtube Paul’s computer crashed. We’ll get it out there one way or another!

I tried to get new jeans in Queenstown today.. what a fuckin mission. Easy to find the right waist size but impossible to find the right leg and waist size  without spending about $250 and fuck it i just cant justify spending that much. I found an OK pair in the end in a second hand shop for $17. Happy Days!

I stripped all images off the camera this week so i’ve nothing new to put up (images on Paul’s computer), Here’s my best fish this season!

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