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FP Archive


Monday, 24 October 2016

A few people asked me last week how it was possible to bring our a rod of significantly higher quality that the Sage X but at the same US price. After all, our blank is more expensive, our fittings more expensive and our build more expensive. In short they cost a lot more to produce! The simple answer is that we predominantly sell direct. It's true that we sell through a few select shops (friends) but then everyone works on smaller margins.

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Imagining and Listening

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A short snip from the new book:

As with other sports, visualization is a useful tool in fly casting. I quite often spend time “casting” in my head, seeing, and almost feeling, the casting motions that I am focusing on. For me, it is like the visual and tactile are linked by residual sensations of prior experiences.

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Fly Fishing Pike In Clear Water

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The last days we had nearly crystal clear water making it hard to fool the pikes. So we had to find proper solutions to get them eat our flies. Of course we did find some solutions!

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Always improving

Thursday, 27 October 2016

When promoting the BFCC at shows or meetings, I am often asked how I got into distance fly casting. Sometimes it’s from people who then say that they catch fish at their local fishery and don’t see the need to cast distance or go for casting lessons. My response is always the same; that when it’s windy, I will still be able to cast to the fish, whereas it’s probable that they can’t.

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fly tying classes

Friday, 28 October 2016

November … winter in other words is a dark time here in Skandinavia. Not many hours of daylight. However, it is also the time for sitting together with friends and family. Going for long walks. .. and for me and many others - the creative time. Fly tying for example. Nothing better to sit by the vise these days and dream about the next season.

For me it is also the time for intensive teaching. I arrange quite a few fly tying classes in this time.

I run two formats - the traditional “sit together in a room” with the students format. or - "e-learning". Fly tying via video conferencing. This works tremendously well as the camera can go places your eyes couldn´t. Don´t ask me how I learned about this.

The curriculum is dependent on your wishes. The first minutes we asses your skill level and discuss what you want to learn. Than we work on a tuition plan. Pricing per hour / session payable via paypal. 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you din´t like it, you get your money back.

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

I can identify a number of significant "impacts", impacts that have changed the way I cast, fish, think, tie etc. A very significant one was my first casting course with Danish Erik Kyrping. Another was my first meet with Paul, who really showed me what casting could really be. One thing I remember vividly was Paul's demonstration of how to smoothly lift a flyline from the water. After a lesson Paul demonstrated how to lift a (long) line and in a single backcast, cast the full line. I was deeply impressed and that demonstration alone gave me so much motivations to train, practice and get better. It was also Paul who moved me to get into casting instruction and take a formal certification.

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Off The (Weed) Wall

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Autumn, in general, and October in particular is one of my favorite times to be outdoors and fishing stillwaters. There are many methods of fly angling that work on stillwaters, and there are many parts of a lake or pond that attract trout. Flats, bays, weed beds, drop-offs, and more. There is no way I can touch on them all here today.

That said, a unique fish holding zone that I’ve come to appreciate more in the last couple of years are near-shore weed edges. Not edges along weed beds that have grown up from the bottom of the lake, although those are great spots too. The edges that I’m referring to in this case are actually more like weed walls, formed in the autumn as aquatic vegetation dies off and big winds rip it free of the bottom and push it in large quantities across the lake, piling it up along the windward shoreline. Take a look at the POD for an example. These walls may stay in place until the lakes freeze for the winter, or they may be here today and gone tomorrow. It all depends on wind, weather, and water levels.

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Ronan's Report

Monster Trout New Zealand…

October has been a difficult enough month! Mainly due to lots of rain and snow-melt keeping many Otago and surrounding rivers high and difficult to fish. I saw this as an opportunity to go well away from home and try to lock in and learn some new water. I had a hunch about an area […]

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