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FP Archive

Why fly when you can drive?

Monday, 25 July 2016

Those of you who know me will know that I am not very well organised - with me that's more of philosophy than a religion. Organisation is the antithesis of spontaneity, originality and adventure - everything we strike or strive for in life. It's much better to be unstructured, for then life will gift you the bounty of chance, unique encounters that lead you on to a greater appreciation of yourself, a wonderment about universal chaos and of course you get to fish some really cool places.

And so it is, that next week, I will not be hanging around, wishing my time away, while waiting for a "flight to Moscow and then on to Murmansk" - oh no - I have something far more exciting lined up. Instead, Ashly and I are going to drive from England, via Sweden (and some other countries) to the Kola Peninsular... and then, after a week of AMAZING fly fishing (and casting training), we will drive from Murmansk to Estonia (via Finland) to the Flycasting World Championships, and finally, with medals in our pockets, around our necks and danging in the wind, onwards to Hungary for the rest of the season and the inspiring Sexyloops "Mermaid in every bottle" Wine Harvest.

But the first thing I have to do is buy a car. And I have to do this today.

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3-Point Grip

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

It’s late on Monday and my FP is late, as seems to be my way these days. This one is most contained in the video you see here. It’s the 3-Point Grip, which I use for the majority (that means much, but not all) of my single-handed fly casting. In various forms, it dates back a ways, but it still gets confused with the Finger-on-Top Grip (a.k.a. Forefinger Grip) or even the V-Grip. It is neither. I like the 3-Point because it makes the rod feel like an extension of my arm and hand and not just something that I’m holding. Not for everybody, but many find that it offers tactile advantages once it gets settled in a bit. Enjoy (or not).

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flyfishing carp

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Fishing for carp is everything but not (yet) common in our world of fly fishing. Besides that it offers spectacular dry fly fishing, sight fishing with nymphs and even streamer fishing. Incredible (slow motioned) takes and strong fights are common when fly fishing for carp!

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Don't (always) blame the knot.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

On Monday Tracy and I went carp fishing to our local lake, we have a summer season ticket so can turn up as and when we please, so it’s great for a couple of hours after work (especially in the current weather). We fish dog-biscuit imitation flies so it’s certainly not fly-fishing in its purest form, but it’s fun. Carp like to play with their food before taking it, swirling at it, pushing it, hovering millimetres from it etc. As such, timing when to strike varies with one fish to the next and the hook-up to take ratio can be pretty poor. [Part of the fun is just how many takes, or signs of interest, you can get in just a few hours of fishing, so even with the poor hook-up ratio it is possible to catch lots of carp]. I also vary the type of strike I use depending on the distance I’m fishing at and how I’ve perceived the fish to have taken the fly. On Monday evening unfortunately I smashed my leader on a fish that I strip-struck. Obviously every fly-fisher hates doing this, so I thought I’d write about some contributory factors from a materials science perspective.

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where trout live

Friday, 22 July 2016

Why do I love trout-fishing? I think it is because of where these creatures live. Wild trout tend to live in very beautiful places. I actually emigrated from Germany to Norway ... following the trout in a way. It´s stunningly beautiful here where I fish. I let the pictures speak for themselves. The shots are from this morning when we came back from fishing.

I am on my way further north. I am torn between joining Paul at the Varzina river and driving up to Finnmark. I think the latter will be the case. I have some time on my hand and a car which works. I think I should use that chance.

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Hot Torpedo 10-wt

Saturday, 23 July 2016

The last three weeks have seen no fishing, and in fact only a little flytying, so instead, I'll talk a little about the new Hot Torpedo 10-wt that I had a chance to test cast Monday and Tuesday at Paul's in Essex.

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Seatrout Fishing - my addiction

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Water all around, strong wind, no current, damn cold, rain and only a small fly maybe 15 meters in front of me… To be honest I was completely lost when I went seatrout fishing the first time, it’s the opposite of what we have in Switzerland. But when I heard my husband was planning a fishing trip to Denmark I was really interested to join them. Luckily he and five of his fishing friends agreed to take me with them up north. It was my fist “real” fishing trip and in the beginning it was not easy, casting all day long and being the only women around 5 guys. But I stayed nearly quiet about my muscle pain, tried hard to catch one of these silver shiny fish and luckily the guys could cook really well! One small seatrout in 6 days was all I got, of course I went home quite frustrated but I was hooked!

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Ronan's Report

You Should Winter Fish!

I was chatting with a friend recently about the spawning season in NZ. After giving it a little thought we realised that taking both browns and rainbows into account the spawning season is at least 6 months long. I have certainly witnessed brown trout making redds in April and I have seen rainbows still in […]

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