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FP Archive

Toman on fly

Monday, 30 May 2016

Last weekend I gave a talk on fly fishing for Toman/Snakehead and Giant Goirami. The first question I asked was why fly? After all it is much harder to catch Toman on fly rather than spinners and plugs. Just the casting alone makes the challenge a great one. And of course that's one of the things that makes them one of the ultimate flyrod fish. So actually the answer is easy, we don't chose the easiest way to catch Toman, even with conventional gear - after all nets and dynamite are more productive, but instead we fish with rods because it's more fun, and fishing the fly is the most fun!

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Terrible name, I know, but I doubt you’ll forget it. The Trajector-cize is my preferred exercise for tuning “whole cast” trajectory. By “whole cast” I mean adjusting both backstroke and forward stroke up or down as a unit while simultaneously adjusting for range. The Trajector-cize takes the casting concepts of inclination, short/long, and high/low, and combines them to make an all-in-one adjustment.

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My Best Fly Fishing Strategy

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

"The more time your fly will spent in the water, the more fish you will catch." This is maybe the most common fly fishing tactic, which fly fishermen from all over the world have told me. In my own experience it's the most wrong strategy either!

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Love them or hate them indicators are mainstream fly fishing now, from those situations that people argue they are nothing more than floats to those true ‘indicator’ situations.

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sexyloops fly tying school - resurrecting dead flies to life

Friday, 27 May 2016

No SFTS today, or mayb yes - it´s related anyways. Fly-fishing and tying fluff to a hook one does not only catch fish, it makes good friends. Through my fly tying I met Norwegian, actor, author and director - and of course flyfisher, Stein Hiller Elvestad. He lives in Mo i Rana, a town close to the arctic circle. The climate there is astonishingly mild, even though it is so far north.

Stein Hiller Elvestad is an actor, play-writer, director and set designer. He was born in Tromsø and is permanently employed actor at "Nordland Teater". On top of all that he is a real trout-nut and one of the kindest and most open people one can meet. The specific northern Norwegian humor adds a nice edge to his personality.

Yesterday, on May 25th 2016 his play “The art of resurrecting flies.” (Kunsten å vekke døde fluer til live.) head it´s first ever performance. The world premiere was staged at the Stamsund internasjonale teaterfestival (SIT) in Norway.

The play is a unique autobiographical solo performance, written and performed by the Norwegian, actor, author and director - and of course flyfisher - Stein Hiller Elvestad.

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Duffer's Fortnight

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Duffer's Fortnight is, or maybe more was, a common name for these two-three weeks, where the E. danica hacthes. Duffer's Fortnight because apparantly the fish are easy pickings and even a duffer can score. Well, although the danica-hatch does bring out the big ones to the surface, it's certainly not easy fishing as such.

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Loading flyline and backing to reel

Sunday, 29 May 2016

A useful video from Tim this week!

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Ronan's Report

Big Bad Bows…

RAMBUNCTIOUS RAINBOWS! I’ve made no secret of being a brown trout fisherman first and foremost. However, some recent fishing has given rainbows the limelight. By the time May comes around most browns are getting close to spawning so I usually leave them alone. It’s rainbow time! Luckily, in this southern part of NZ there are […]

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