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FP Archive


Monday, 26 September 2016

On Thursday, Sexyloops turned 18 years old. It's a bit of a milestone! It certainly made me think for a bit. 18 years ago the Internet was pretty small, it had only been around for a few years, there was no Facebook or Google. It was pretty new (and slow) and back then I felt that it was important to be "up with the times" so I bought the domain and started a one-page advert for Flycasting Lessons, Instruction, Guiding and Tackle Sales. The only problem was no-one knew it existed! And so about 8 months later I wrote the "Fly Casting Manual". This was originally seven long pages that took 10 days to write. There was a lot of casting in the garden to try to work things out, and while much of it is out of date now, it has actually stood the test of time and it is in fact Sexyloops itself, and particularly the Board, that has outdated it!

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Behavior Modificiaton

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

As a kid I was practically obsessed with the six-pound brown trout on page 156 of A.J. McClane’s epic New Standard Fishing Encyclopedia. I knew that my angling life could never be complete unless such a fish graced the end of my line. As it turned out, attaining completeness would require some behavior modification.

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Fly Fishing With Christof Menz and Uwe Rieder

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Today Marina and I will start a fly fishing trip to Austria. Tomorrow we will meet with Christof Menz and Uwe Rieder to share some excellent fly fishing for trout and grayling in the two rivers Alm and Laudach. Both Christof and Uwe are making their living on teaching fly fishing. They are truly experts - especially when it comes to dry fly and nymph fishing.

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Rules are made to be changed

Thursday, 29 September 2016

I’m a committee member of the BFCC and we’re having our AGM next month, so James and I have proposed some changes to the rules for the distance fly casting events to try and make the competition fairer and more accessible for everyone involved.

We’ve entered lots of different competitions that have varied rules; some bizarre, the stripping basket of the CLA saltwater event springs to mind. Also at previous CLA Game Fairs, you started the trout distance event with the fluff in your hand and then stripped the fly line off the reel during your time-slot before commencing casting; not exactly a great way to start and not that interesting for spectators. I’ve watched casters strip the line off and the whole thing bunch up in a huge tangle due to all the twists put in by other casters – in these cases, the caster generally walked away or spent the rest of their time trying to untangle the line! The event did have everyone using the same outfit so there was an element of fairness from that respect, though the outfit needed a lot of maintenance!

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sexyloops fly tying school - dubbing blender

Friday, 23 September 2016

Don´t throw it away. Keep the waste you have when tying. Why? The old is new. Dubbing specifically. Have I mentioned I use a lot of fur, mostly hare, for my flies? No? I am sure I have.

There is quite a lot of underfur and snippets left over. I keep them in small plastic pouches and make new dubbing with it. How? ...

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

I've been enjoying the late, warm summer we've been experiencing here in Denmark during september. Unusual 25-30 degrees C earlier thjis month have kept the mackerel schools close to shore for longer than usual and fishing has been good.

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

There’s something intimidating, unnerving, exciting, and inspiring about peering out over the gunwale and seeing only water. Turns out the vastness is 3-dimensional. Glancing at the sounder confirms that you are way out of your comfort zone. 80 meters. 150 meters. 500 meters. What does that even mean?

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Ronan's Report

20lb Rainbow Trout!

It’s fair to say that I’ve never really cracked the canals! I’ve had a reasonable number of attempts over the years but the really big fish always seem to get the better of me. I’ve hooked them once or twice but just briefly. This time was different, this time I hooked 3! Two of which […]

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