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FP Archive

Cork handles

Monday, 25 April 2016

I was away for the weekend, celebrating my mother's 80th birthday, which is why Paul covered for me on Saturday, and which is why I'm now convering for him today.

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Jelly Water Puzzle

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Another excerpt from my upcoming casting book that got left out due to page count issues. This time, the story is one of my well-worn personal fishing tales: the jelly-water puzzle.

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Fly Fishing Gotland Sea Trout

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The (COASTAL) Sea trout often is called to be the "fish of the one thousand casts". For me it's not anymore.But when starting to fly fish catching Sea trout easily may become quite a serious challenge.

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Lessons from abroad

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The best way to get to know your area and your waters is to get out there, explore and fish, fish, fish. However another skill that’ll likely help that learning process is to apply the knowledge you’ve learned somewhere else to that water/situation. A friend put this one to me, along the lines of “What have you learned abroad that translates to fishing at home”

My answer is almost everything!

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sexyloops fly tying school part 28 - CDC & Elk

Friday, 29 April 2016

This Fridays SFTS is about another flytier I admire. His name is Hans Weilenmann. I have met him in person on several occasions, mostly on fly fishing shows where is sat hours after hours tirelessly explaining his flies to the audience. His very calm and extremely patient attitude - mixed with a real good sense of humour makes listening and watching him a real pleasure.

Hans and I agree that the biggest development of or for of fly tying was, and still is the internet and digital photography. The opportunities of learning from each other and sharing information have exploded. It has become really amazing ... and Hans played a big role right in the beginning of this development. He was one of the first publishing, not only his own - but other fly-tiers work. His website was one of the first places showing high quality closeups of flies. Hundreds if not thousands. He has put a lot of effort into that website and I visit it often to look what´s and even more who is "new".

Hans is also known for the "CDC&Elk" pattern. A rather simple pattern, but that is the genius behind. Tying simple but effective flies, Please refer to the attached video for the tying instructions.


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Learning to cast left-handed and fly fishing in Russia

Saturday, 23 April 2016

This week's topic will be about learning to cast with the non-dominant hand. However before I launch into it, I've been asked if anyone is interested in fishing for the amazing Trout in the Kola Peninsular on the 2nd-9th August. The cost is £2100 for the week, not including flights to Murmansk. Depending on where you are in the world the flight should cost approx 6-800 GBP. Visas will be organised for you. This is somewhere you must fish before you die, and better sooner rather than later - just in case. I visited a couple of years ago and experienced the finest trout fishing I've had in my life. The average weight of the brown trout in this particular river system is 5.5lbs, they are native and look like leopards. One particular night I had my best night's trout fishing ever, and probably will ever have. After a two-hour spectacular Northern Lights show, that stopped me fishing, I had ten trout to the net, 8 on surface wake-flies. My last two fish took subsurface and the final fish of that incredible night has been my largest brown trout to date, 11.5lbs. So if you're keen to fish Russia please let me know as soon as possible, there are a very limited number of places and this could be a Sexyloops gathering like no other! Apart from the fishing, it's just amazing to be inside the Arctic Circle. And the one thing I remember most, was that when the wind dropped completely, you would hear absolutely nothing at all. I believe that this is the best trout fishing in the world.

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The last two days...

Sunday, 1 May 2016

The last two days have been tough. I've been chasing trophy free-rising Snakehead in my old haunts. I don't know yet if the haunts change yearly, or just seasonally, but I do know that my favourite places are not yet firing. Some other locations that haven't held Snakehead for me in the past do so now. I probably won't know the answer to this puzzle for a few years to come. Certainly some of the good haunts have Snakehead on the outside of the bays, so I figure that these will be good later in the season (and hopefully next week!). I've got a Snakehead article in the wings for tomorrow and am covering for Tim today!

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Ronan's Report

A Late Season Extravaganza!!! Yes Indeed…

CRANE-FLY-FISHING… Earlier in the season while fishing with Dean Whaanga he told me about fishing the Crane Fly in his neck of the woods. He told me that it usually fires after the first frost late in the season and that he’d let me know when its happening. Recently he called to tell me “its […]

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