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How do we measure our casts?


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Ronan's report

Sunday April 20th, 2014

The measuring tape can help us but the problem is to compare different casts outdoors. Wind, humidity, air pressure means a lot. To make only one 33m cast one day can be much harder than to cast 40+ another day, even in the same place.

So a more interesting task is to measure how long can be your cast in certain circumstances and to know the difference between that cast and an imaginary perfect one! When we have the certain line, rod limited in length and certain circumstances we have the distance limit. This limit is hard to calculate but the experienced caster knows how much he or someone loses in every cast (not optimal carry, poor timing etc...). Actually you can estimate yourself or anyone as a caster in percentage. The perfect cast could be about 40, I've cast 36, so I'm 90% perfect caster today :).

I think it's important not to overestimate yourself. No matter how far your cast (certainly if it's not a competition cast) it's much more interesting to see/find possibilities to make a longer one!

Cheers, Anvar

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