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Well I’m back...

Monday, 17 September 2018

Well I’m back in Hungary. Sorry I’m a bit behind on my emails and messages etc. It’s been two years since I’ve visited Latohegy and a bomb has hit it. Certainly I don’t remember leaving it this way. So it must have been a bomb... or a double tornado. Ive been cleaning for three days solid now and I’m getting a bit worried because my wife arrives in only seven.

Also I’ve been a bit slowed down. It was Peter’s fault. I had to have a few celebratory welcome home beers with him - after all, it would be rude not to. And there might have been a Palinka sharing moment (it’s a form of Hungarian antifreeze that is supposed to be good for you, but in what way. no one can remember). And then of course I had to see Zoli the Winemaker - big mistake. So I settled in to watch a movie; Schindler’s List, and thought about Brexit and then posted on Facebook....

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92 in the shade

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Ninety-two in the shade: why did that sound so familiar?

I was enduring the heat this weekend as I removed and resurfaced the woodwork on a used high-end canoe that I recently purchased. It was not particularly difficult or strenuous: unbolting, sanding, staining, and re-varnishing the few small pieces of actual wood in the boat generally would not be considered hard work. Yet, I was sweating profusely and struggling with occasional but painfully aggravating hand cramps. And this was in the full shade of my breezy back yard! Frequent stops and a surprising number of cold beers were employed but proved ineffective toward making what would seem an enjoyable weekend-day dawdle even close to comfortable.

As much as I wanted to take the canoe out the next day, to admire my handiwork, and savor the glide and responsiveness of a paddle craft so sexy I’m not sure I should be allowed to own it, I could not bring myself to venture out into the open sun. That pretty much sums up what the weather is like here in South Florida right now. It goes without saying I did not do any flyfishing either.

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Fly Casting Experts vs. Fly Fishing Experts

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

For some reasons there are always some fly casting experts who love to point fingers on those fly fishermen not being experts in fly casting yet. Of course there are also expert fly fishermen who love to point out, that they are not good in fly casting, but do catch a lot of fish. I believe there are pretty good reasons to improve in both, fly fishing and fly casting.

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Accuracy & Pendency

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Las weekend Tracy and I attended the Hampshire country sports show where we ran a free to enter fly casting accuracy event on behalf of the BFCC. Due to the space available we were unable to set out the targets to the world championship specification, in fact we were missing one bullseye altogether and I suspect the nearest target was shorter than the minimum of 8 metres. That said, this close target proved the toughest to hit by far; there was a strong side wind blowing which played havoc with the leader – and this cast was mostly leader with maybe a metre and a half, or thereabouts, of fly line out of the tip.

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The Sexyloops Masterclass

Friday, 7 September 2018

I certainly hope that you have found it by now. Basically we had a problem when the Hungarian app developer was struck by lightning and he and all of his codes went up in smoke. Fortunately the videos didn't! And while I have some plans to make another Sexyloops App, plans around Sexyloops take a while to mature. So to seize all options, what we have done is what I really wanted to do in the first place, which was to integrate the app videos with Sexyloops - although not quite in the way I had originally envisioned!

I believe that we have two more videos to upload into this rather comprehensive fly casting video library - or at least two more from the original series that is. Then when this has been done I will make copies available in HD as downloads for those who purchased the original App. Finding unique solutions to problems seems to have been the way of the last (almost) 20 years of Sexyloops! Sexyloops will be 20 years old in two weeks time by the way...

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Møn Session and fall fishing

Saturday, 15 September 2018

I'm once again at the (in)famous Møn Session. Møn Session is a gathering of flyifshers,held on the beautiful, Danish isle of Møn, which offers good fishing for both sea trout and brackish water pike. It's the fourth time my friends Gordon Henriksen and Frederik Lorentzen host this gathering.

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Short trip to Austria

Sunday, 16 September 2018

One shop in Germany had a flytying competition with awesome prices to win in spring, lucky me I got the first price what means a 3 day license for 2 persons in Austria at the river steyrische Salza. It was a long drive and it seems like we're lost somewhere in the mountains but it was worth it. The part of the river in that license was quite short but holds some nice pools with a nice amount of fish. I've fished with my favorite "heavy-as-hell" nymph to reach the bottom of the big pools and got some nice grayling...

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Ronan's Report

August! From the Lakes to the Coast…

August has been superb! Not long after arriving back in NZ from Ireland, I joined Robbie, Tom and Jeremy for a couple of days on Lake Benmore. I went and got the Wakatipu Anglers Club boat to give us some options around the lake. After the couple of days with the lads I held on […]

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