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FP Archive

Tenkara Flyfishing

Monday, 16 January 2017

Today we have an article from Roland Bachofer on his experiences with Tenkara Fly Fishing. I promised a new beginning to SLTV today with Five Minutes of Fly Fishing and this will certainly happen, but it's going to be later in the week and most probably starting next Monday - I want to start with a bag, but the fish have had different ideas! I've also promised a step-by-step to tying the Vince Loud-Mouth Popper variation that I use - this will happen too, and at the same time no doubt. :) So here it is, Tenkara Flyfishing...

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Baitfish From L

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

In trout fishing, drag is often thought of as a bad thing. It can be, but sometimes creating drag, or more precisely, enhancing drag, can be the key to success. This can be especially true when slinging big, "swimmy looking" stuff. A good example of complementing the current to enhance a streamer presentation is a technique that my father has humorously referred to as “The Baitfish from ‘L’”. I've not heard a better name for it, so that's what you get here.

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Fly Fishing Chinook In Chile

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A serious fly fishing adventure is coming up to me right now. Can't wait!

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Learning to double haul

Thursday, 12 January 2017

After reading Lars’ FP on Saturday, James and I discussed how we both learnt how to double haul. James has always been a natural caster so had one day decided to attempt it and was successful straight away. However I have never had good co-ordination between my hands (I could never do the pat head, rub stomach thing). When I first learnt to fly cast over 20 years ago with AAPGAI instructor Derek Turner, he taught me the single haul. It was many years later, after getting into distance casting that I thought I’d give double hauling a go. I didn’t find it easy at all.

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the sorcerer part 2

Friday, 13 January 2017

Håvard Stubø /Jazz & Flyfishing have released another short film. One of these "must see" films. Not only for flyfishers ...

The stuff they produce differs very much from the "car - cast cast cast - some fish - campfire - back in car again" go-pro productions with "the tallest man on earth" type music in the background. OK, they sit in cars too sometimes, but than it´s Volvos ;-)

Anyway - this is proper film-making with humour, a real story to tell. ... see for yourself.

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Rügen cancelled

Saturday, 14 January 2017

My friend, Daniel D Holm and myself had a trip planned to fish baltic, brackish water pike on Rügen next weekend. Unfortunately we had to cancel as the weather forecast turned and promised subzero temperatures in the week leading up to and over the weekend.

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Get Involved in 2017

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Today’s FP includes no fishing tips, fantastic stories, or casting secrets, but the topic, should you choose to participate, may greatly influence your angling and the angling of many others for the better. This FP is merely a call to encourage everyone out there to get involved and participate in the regulatory or political element of your local fisheries management. Consider making “GET INVOLVED” one of your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions.

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Ronan's Report

Ronan’s Fly-Fishing Missions ~ News and Guiding Highlights!

Once again, It’s been hard to find the time to write! I’ve been busy guiding, that’s for sure, but this is also a very social time of year. Friends pass through on a regular basis, mostly fishing friends so we fish if I’m not working and we drink a beer or two in the evenings. […]

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