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FP Archive

Bosnian Sheep Herding

Monday, 17 October 2016

Ash and I had a great trip down to Bosnia last week, fishing midday hatches for Grayling and Trout on Pliva and Ribnik, with good friends Robert and Velibor (and Nikola) as well as catching up with Djordje, Aitor and Pliva Master, Zelko. It's always a fishing lesson on these waters, particularly fly fishing with Zelko, learning the French Nymph, waking Grayling up and even herding them around the river! Anyway more of that some other time...

We're back in Hungary now and will be here (probably!) for the next three weeks before heading back to my favourite learning fly fishing destination at the moment; Malaysia. We'll be heading straight back into the beginning of the Wet Season which is both good and bad. Good for Jungle Perch, bad for sleeping in the boat! Between now and then is the time that I've set aside to update the shopping cart on Sexyloops, get things back into order, launch the HT10 and RAMPAGE, organise the next 6 or 12 months of Jungle fishing - as well as sort out Latohegy for another year or two and ignite the Hot Torpedo Owners' Club.

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A Small Stream Secret

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Small streams usually don’t force much in terms of wading, aren’t typically the realm of long casts and, with their shallower waters, can be dry-fly heaven. However, just because a stream is small doesn’t mean that it can’t also have secrets.

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Fly Fishing Pike-land

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I am fly fishing in Pike-land, Germany right now. Today we caught a shit load of fish - a hell of a catching day!

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There's no such thing as a bad day's fishing....or is there?

Thursday, 20 October 2016

After my FP a few weeks back about DiY fishing in the Bahamas a question was asked on the board about what makes a good guide. I very much agree with one of the answers given that the best guides make their client’s day enjoyable. Tracy and I have had many excellent days guided flats fishing, but we’ve also had some stinkers. We can look back on these now with a hint of a smile, but at the time they were less than enjoyable.
The first day, and probably the worst, involved a very well known guide who will remain nameless. Tracy and I were ready at the dock at the agreed time as was the guide, however he’s a sociable kind of guy so had to speak to everyone and their dog prior to setting off, plus updating his social media status etc. Eventually we motored out about an hour late and he opened the throttle for a long run to the first flat of the day. [Being ‘battered’ in a skiff is one aspect of guided fishing that I definitely don’t enjoy, however I accept it’s unavoidable if you want to fish far off flats]. After nearly an hour’s travel, the guide spotted an impressively large hammerhead shark. At this point, and without discussing things with us, he threw the skiff into a circle around the shark using the prop to kick up a sand and silt curtain to contain it for a few moments. Now Tracy and I love seeing wildlife while we’re fishing and we’re especially fond of sharks (this one was not catchable on a fly rod). However we’ve seen plenty of them previously, so pointing it out and perhaps easing the throttle so we could take a brief look and a photo would have been more than adequate. As it was, in his efforts to ‘show off’ by trying to pen the shark in the boats wake, he managed to break the steering. Realising this he moored the skiff to the pole and set about radioing the lodge for help.

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sexyloops fly tying school - krampa

Friday, 21 October 2016

some more Seatrout flies ... I hope you liked the tying instructions for the "Klympen" & the "Vaskebjørn". The "Krampa" is another take on the "Klympen" fly. the difference is how you use the dubbing loop. There os other version with CDC, but I prefer to use this dubbing loop technique. CDC is dean expensive and not as flexible in it´s use - I think. Anyway ... this fly is also a good example on how this "spilt thread dubbing loop" can work. I would say this opens a myriad of options.

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Lazy day...

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Last weekend trip to Denmark Fishing and Outdoor Lodge was great - it's a fantastic place, and I'll write more thouroughly about it and the fishing opportunities they offer later on. The fishing was slow - I only managed a few houtrs on Saturday, and Sunday was fine, plenty of time, but only a few fish. I did miss a few shots I had on a big trout foraging on low water, but I missed it.

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Fall fishing in Austria

Sunday, 16 October 2016

I nearly can't wait until it's October, finally the temperature is sinking and we get all the water back from the people who love to swim, walk with their dog, grill & chill, drive kayak or what else. But nearly more important, the snow up in the mountains stops to meltdown - that means finally we can fish again the rivers who haven't been fished the whole summertime...

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Ronan's Report

Early Season Extravaganza!

A few of days ago while planning a day fishing for myself, I was surprised to see a perfect weather forecast. Blue skies all day, gentle southerly blowing and a high of 15c. “With a forecast like that for a Sunday I better set off early” I thought. The following morning I was away before […]

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