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Monday, 11 December 2017

Viking Lars had an idea yesterday and was a good one. He had the idea that we should start a page on different leader recipes. I'll kick the page off with a couple of "different" formulae that I'm using here in the jungle. As well as the current Snakehead leader I'm using I'm also experimenting with a twisted leader that was shown to me by a Singaporean friend, Qwek. Flavio made one up that was fantastic and so I'll repeat this and post that formula later sometime when I'm in Tasmania.

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Tis the season

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Down here in South Florida the seasons have finally changed. The summer of 2017 was not kind and I personally am glad to see it leave. It was a hot summer with rainfall totals that had not been seen in decades and then we were treated to Hurricane Irma. Finally, this past weekend we got some cooler air come through and the air temperatures dropped down to near 40 degrees F. It appears the cooler air will stay around for the remainder of the week.

It this was a normal year I would be hopping up and down with excitement. Cooler air means cooler water and that changes everything in the Everglades. Fish move all over the place when the water temperature drops. Some species move off shore to the reefs while others move into the backcountry. Those that move back are the ones that I really appreciate as they create a fishery that I find to be perfect for sampling with a flyrod and a canoe.

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Another fine week in Pike-land

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Last week we were still fly fishing for pike on Rügen island, Germany. Fair to say we had an excellent time again!

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Observation Bias

Thursday, 7 December 2017

A character who I forgot to mention in last week’s FP (Recognise Anyone?) was the one who insists that it’s impossible to hook a fish on fly gear beyond 75 feet, thus adding to the chorus of ‘distance casting’ being a waste of time and effort. This opinion is undoubtable based on their own experiences; they’ve probably missed a couple of takes when their wind-assisted cast made it out further than they normally manage and, as such, they’ve decided that getting a positive hook-up at distance is highly unlikely. Telling them that I regularly catch fish at distances beyond their ‘limit of plausibility’ falls on deaf ears (I caught a schoolie bass in Jersey this year at well over 100 feet), as they’d much rather hear from similarly minded individuals who also like to bash the ability to cast well. This is a perfect example of observational bias.

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Friday, 8 December 2017

simplicity to the max ... maybe a contradiction in terms, but hey. I´ve always been fascinated by spiders ... noooo - not the eight legged creatures - North Country Spiders that is. Traditional flies used by the forefathers of flyfishing. I learned those from Mike Connor. These things are very simple. They have been written many books about these flies and there is a million plus one variants all with funky names and very specific tying instructions ... like a grouse shot by a virgin the first Wednesday after easter and so on. I have not have had the chance let alone the intention to find out if all these specific requirements are true, but I know that the very simple ones I tie catch fish in those "impossible" situations. So I always have a few in my box and regret every year that I haven´t fished them enough ...

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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Yes, it's tying-pike-leader-day today. And yes, that means the Rügen-trip next week is ON and I'm really looking to it, hopefully catching a few big ones, fishing with Bernd and just getting away for a few days.

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How to tie... and flytying demo

Sunday, 10 December 2017

A busy week with flytying demonstration in a shop and fishing for grayling without any success. The time in the shop behind the vise was really nice. All the customers we're friendly and there are a lot of passionated flytyiers around. I was tying only Tubeflies and here is another short step by step tube pattern, this time a simple and cheap pheasant streamer. The Grayling fishing the next day was sadly without any sucess but with a lot of snow :) have a nice sunday

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Ronan's Report

Guiding Magic!!

The season so far has been pretty flipin’ amazing! It feels like every day is a blue sky day. Rivers are low and clear and the fishing has been top notch. The winds have been light and favourable most days so there are really no excuses not to be out there reaping the rewards. So […]

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