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FP Archive

Great time in Bosnia

Monday, 15 October 2018

The fishing is Bosnia was good as always. I learned a lot, caught a few fish and had a great time. On the Pliva fish were active from about 10am through to midday. And again in the evening. On Ribnik they followed a similar schedule but were active for more of the day. I personally much prefer the Pliva if only because for most of the time it was only Flavio, Zeljko and I fishing. Ribnik always feels busy!

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

I’m sure anyone who has been reading this section is tired of me moaning about hurricane damage and lousy fishing weather. I know I am tired of writing about it.
So, with great anticipation, I was looking forward to getting out of town (S. Florida) and heading up to the Smoky Mountains for a welcome change of scenery and some trout fishing. I was almost drooling over the weather reports predicting low temperatures in the 40s and highs only in the 70s. After months with daytime temps hovering around 90 degrees, that just sounded fantastic. Sleeping in a tent after sipping bourbon around a campfire, I thought, was just what the doctor ordered.
So, what do the weather gods send me this weekend? A (censored) hurricane is brewing in the Caribbean and heading north up through the Gulf of Mexico! Thankfully, it is not predicted to have a big effect on where I live. But, can you believe it… it is predicted, as of now, to travel right over the area I was planning to fish!
At this point in time, I think I’m going anyway. It will be long gone before I get there, but the streams will likely be at flood levels. Besides, I’ve got hundreds of dollars in reservations already committed. Turn baby, turn!

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Last year we put our rod warranty price up to 70GBP per section from 70USD (the lower value of the pound was the culprit). We were losing money at 70USD/section. And unfortunately we are now losing significant money at 70GBP/section! Other manufacturers can afford to replace sections at these low prices - and still make a profit - but their costs are lower both in terms of the blank and fittings. And anyway if you break a Sage rod (for example) outside of the USA it costs you considerably more than 70USD for a replacement section!! For example in Australia it costs 165AUD (approx 90GBP).

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Brentwood BFCC Meet

Thursday, 18 October 2018

This Saturday sees the last BFCC competition and tuition day of the year (the iFish show has been cancelled for this year so please ignore that one on the calendar). The competition promises to be a good one with a number of casters coming quite a distance in order to throw. I’ve mended the T120 line again so hopefully it will last the course of the event, unlike last time. I made a slight adjustment to the joining technique that failed – as before I’ve tied and glued to cores and then whipped over the tag ends, however this time I also folded the tag ends back towards the knot and over-whipped the whole lot. It’s a bit bulkier than last time but I’m hopeful it’s strong – if it isn’t then I’m all out of ideas.

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Coming from closet

Friday, 12 October 2018

This is not first time, probably won’t be the last either. My first time was 1999. I had been flyfishing about one year when I told my friends about this. Flyfishing was considered to be elitist sport, little bit same than golf. That was case at least amongst my friends on that time. And so I kept flyfishing alone. And same thing happened 10 years later with same friends, different issue.

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Small stream access

Saturday, 13 October 2018

I just gained access to fish a new, little stream that I've never fished before. And when I say little, I mean little. It's probably less that 3 feet across in average, and to be honest, I didn't think much of it. I've seen it, crossed it and driven over small bridges going else where several times.

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how to tie... heavy as hell nymph

Sunday, 14 October 2018

A step by step for my favorite heavy as hell nymph. My joker for deep pools in the river is this double tungsten nymph. A 3,3mm and a 3,8mm tungsten head is bringing that nymph really fast to the ground! Don’t forget to duck while casting

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Ronan's Report

Flies for New Zealand – No Secrets!

I spent the last 2 days tying like a madman and sorting out my flies for the season. I thought after all my boxes were tidied up that it would be a good chance to share with you all just what goes into a seasons worth of flies for New Zealand. I photographed every page […]

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