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Ronan's report

Tuesday September 23rd, 2014

A rerun of Anvar's part three story because he missed it!

The plan was to get to Fagernes from Murmansk by the car to August 14. I had to pick up my traveling companion at Murmansk airport at 19-00, August 12, then we had to cross 2150 km through Karelia(Russia), Finland, Sweden and Norway. Generally it was a good plan but in details there were some problems: we missed few nuances, we were lucky enough to arrange some papers at fuel station near the border to and actually after border crossing we breathed a sigh of relief.

We enjoyed traveling Finland: pure, nice and almost all is made of wood)). Some places in Sweden (mostly rivers and hills) impressed us in a good way; speed limit is more appropriated, but too much wood felling along the road. Norway: a part of the way between Trondheim and Fagernes forced us to stop almost every few minutes to make some photos or just to enjoy the view.

Anyway we got to Fagernes in time and even had some time to prepare equipment for competition and to produce few test casts. The only problem was that before the trip I wasn't sure that I'll have an opportunity to participate in WC, in addition, in the 2 weeks before departure my training program was disrupted because I had to urgently arrange home repairs. So the day before competition had started I had no exact decisions on proper equipment for 3 of 6 disciplines. It pretty much affected my performance in Spey Distance 15'1", I had too long (more than 23.5 m) and heavy line and rod that I don't much like. This set suits me for training but it was a bad idea to choose it for competition. In the rest, I was more or less satisfied with my results in other disciplines, gained a great experience and when the time came for the finals, nothing distracted me from enjoying the show)).

I have to say there were many events that were worth to see live: actually all the finals were spectacular and full of drama. I really liked the performance of Paul Arden in qualification round in Trout accuracy, the performance of Eirik H. Larsen in Spey 15'1" and in qualification round in Spey 18'. No doubt I was very pleased with the victory of Eugenia Roshupkina (Russia, Ufa) in Trout Distance and a silver medal in Spey 15'1" of Sergey Kluev (Russia). I was sincerely happy with the success of Sakari Siipilehto in the final in Spey 18'. Impressed by the teamwork of the Swedish casters in all overhead disciplines. Among the casters who performed in all disciplines, clearly distinguished Dmitry Borovkov (4 finals of 6 disciplines, silver medal) and Mikael Blomberg (3 finals, gold and bronze medals).

So it was a great event and I hope I'll manage to participate in next World Championship (hope it'll happened in UK).

And I need one more FP to finish my august story, I promise there would be a lot of meat and blood...


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