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Christmas week..

December 27th, 2009 No comments

Christmas day was a relaxed affair. Myself,  Paul, John and Sue, Bronwyn and Hair and lenny the dog all spent the day together on the far side of Littlepine lake.. Barbecued scallops, prawns, pork and lots of veggies were the order of the day along with John’s sushi. Paul turned Hair’s old 2 piece sage into a 3 piece while giving a distance casting demo! We managed a little bit of fishing, Paul had one.

Every day we’re getting out on the water and trying many methods. Dries generally seem to be the best but it pays to keep an open mind and be willing to change everything on a whim.

This week’s show is up on youtube! Its about Kayak fly-fishing with an intro to Tasmania. Check it out and Subscribe to the channel so you never miss an episode.

Hope ye all had a great Christmas and tight lines in the new year..


December 22nd, 2009 No comments

I’m sitting here in hare’s lair after day 3 in tassie.. Fishing is tough but interesting, it reminds me of fishing in Ireland in late March or April waiting for the duckfly to kick in. Its cold, hatches are sporadic and fish are not on yet but a few opportunities present themselves during the day. There was a small caddis hatch last night, we got a couple. Today we also got into some better fish during a mayfly hatch. We’re using all lines and many techniques with some success! Good time to be here because it will get better and better for the next 2 months…. i hope!

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Kayak Fly Fishing

December 20th, 2009 No comments

Fly fishing from a small kayak is not easy! Especially when trying to film what your doing. The angler has to control the boat, not lose the paddle (which should really be on a leash), control the fish, the camera and the net and not topple over! Great fun and a good way to fish a lake. A good idea would be to tie all equipment to the kayak…

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Season so far..

December 14th, 2009 1 comment

Hello all.. Ronan here. I’ll be on the blog for the next few months along with Paul. Were at Chris Dore’s  place at the moment, the weather has been pretty crap so we’ve been using the time wisely. Paul and I (mainly Paul but I’m learning!) have been editing the footage collected from 4 camera’s over 4 days in fjordland. It took longer than expected but we have 3 great shows coming up on sexyloops tv so get ready for them!

I spent the first month of the NZ season fishing with my Dad.. great fun and we had alot of fish. Also targeted some  big fish with good success.

I’l be fishing with paul for the next 4 months in NZ, Tasmania, maybe Thailand and as much else as I can afford!

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