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Transition… Electric Picnic, The end of the season, NZ!

September 16th, 2011 No comments

The last few weeks have been tough, even though Lough Inagh (my local fishery) and the river that leaves it have been producing all time record salmon catches, including 8 salmon in one day. I have had a few fish but unfortunately have not always been able to get on the part of the system I’d like to due to angling pressure, Massively high water, Gale force 10 winds or being otherwise tied up with something non fishing.  There are great prospects until the end of September once this front passes. If your thinking about some salmon fishing to end your season I recommend Inagh, Its fishing very well. Talk to Colin, He’ll set you straight. 003539534706.

The season is nearing its end and there are a number of things I didn’t get to do and probably wont at this stage. I wanted to spend a few days fishing the midland lakes around Mullingar, Travel North for salmon, South for bass, East for carp, the list goes on. It’s impossible to do everything. All in all I have no complaints. I had a very good season and thankfully its not over yet. The weather is shite at the moment… Wind, rain and very high and often slightly coloured water are the norm which makes things tough. Things will settle down soon and the fishing will fire again!

New Zealand 2011 is is rapidly approaching and I have prepared nothing yet. I haven’t even tied a fly. I’ll get myself into gear soon (I leave in less than a month). If anyone has any flies they would like me to try either here in Ireland or in NZ or Oz or anywhere for that matter just send them to me, I will be happy to oblige. This would of course be a selfless act! (Ronan Creane, Roundstone, Co. Galway, Ireland.)

Electric Picnic 2011 was an epic event. Free to roam between hundreds of random acts with random strangers and friends alike, all with the same purpose… Fun with a healthy dose of madness! I will never miss it again if I’m in Ireland when its on.. I might even fly home for it!

I’m serious about those flies. Send them and I’ll fish them for you! It will be like fishing vicariously through me 🙂

All the best for now… Ronan..

Pike to Shit Robot…

September 2nd, 2011 No comments

Right now I’m getting ready for the Electric Picnic Music Festival. Most of my preparation is listening to some of the multitude of bands that are playing to get an idea of who I want to listen to over the 3 days and nights. I also did some packing. Tent, clothes, poteen, camera, sleeping bag etc. I wont see water for the next 3 days unless it’s in a bottle and even that’s unlikely!

I’ve been busy with some non fishing projects lately but made some time to get out on the water. John and I targeted pike, trout, salmon (sort of!!) and pollack over the weekend with some success.

On Saturday evening I met John on the water with the family unit, Namely Bronwen and their daughter Georgia. This was one of Georgia’s first encounters with fly fishing. She is one.

I’ll be back next week (asuming I survive the next few days!).


These guys are in the Little Big Tent tomorrow night… Think I’ll check em out!