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Monday, 20 March 2017

I suppose that for those of you on the outside looking in, it must be rather bewildering that fly casting instructors have spent well over a decade arguing about fly casting definitions and more to the point, still can't yet agree on them! Last week Bernd was training candidates for the IFFF test and found considerable difficulties in understanding their definition of Creep, indeed he disagreed with it, but equally I disagree with both of their persepctives. So allow me to try to explain the Definitions Story which really started 14 years ago...

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Gluttony in the 'Glades

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

After numerous challenging trips where I saw plenty of fish but caught few or none(!), this last weekend I got more than my money’s worth. Things are changing, as they always do, some for the better, others for the worse, but it seems nature takes a lot of it in stride.

Yesterday as I launched my canoe in the predawn light I noticed something strange on the surface of the water. I was scared it was some new type of floating algae as blooms have been a recent problem throughout south Florida. When I trained my flashlight onto the mass I found it to be aggregated plaques of emerging mosquitoes and shucks. Well, at least there was no doubt that this day was going to be different from the last few trips.

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Teaching Distance Fly Casting

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

One of the main keys to be successful in teaching fly casting is to find the (often small) causes for all the trouble in the student's casts. Once you've indentified them most students can eliminate them within minutes (often seconds).

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"it ain't heavy"

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Tracy and I were invited to give a demonstration of distance casting at a gathering of instructors on Sunday. We went armed with the outfits that we typically practice with – a #5 full line, a #5 shooting head cut from an old MED line, a #7 full line (on a rod marked #10) and a ST27 outfit. A number of people cast these outfits after our demo and I picked up a common theme from the subsequent comments made – the ST27 outfit felt heavy!

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sexyloops fly tying focus - sportsfiskemessan

Friday, 17 March 2017

... and off to the next show - during the recent Danish Fly Festival not only Lars has recognised my outstanding language and talk somebodies ear off skills ;-) ...

Ralf Vosseler, a humble and sorted German craftsman of the more serious kind thought it would be a good idea to ask me to help him on his stand at the upcoming Angling Fair in Jönköping in Sweden.

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The Iceman Cometh

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Spring is in the air - all you need to do to make sure is go outside every once in a while, There are several certain signs - the lark, the lapwing, snowdrops, erantis, everything greening. And then...

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How to tie... a kinky muddler

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Jonny King invented a awesome baitfish pattern years ago, it turned into one of my favourite pattern in our lakes. Because there is no weight on it it's really easy to cast and there is a lot of movement and a nice baitfish shape. Last but not least, it's easy to tie and the material is cheap. So here we go step by step:

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Ronan's Report

“I Put on Wet Socks in the Morning”

I wanted to chat briefly about the Damselfly nymph and how most anglers standard pattern makes no sense to me. I had some great photo’s of a damsel nymph which was still alive inside a trout I took from Lake Dunstan recently, but I deleted them by mistake!! I put the green nymph in a […]

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