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Monday, 21 August 2017

Well I have to say that last week was a pretty dramatic week in my life; after following the advice from immigration officers (trying to help) and after having a booked flight cancelled on the way to the airport (bastards), I ended up taking the last flight out of Malaysia - a business class flight to Singapore. [Steven Sinclair says that living in Singapore was like living in a hospital, because it is so clean! - a comment that I will always remember]. I have good friends in Singapore - Pak Amin (Legendary Singaporean Fly Fisher, who has been flyfishing since 1971 and who I first met many years ago and prior to my first Malaysian trip, on a long stopover, and many more times since), Chuan Tay who fishes regularly with me in Malaysia, more than anyone else does, and also fishes with Stuntman Ronan in NZ and again with me in Russia last year, Henry at Coho Fly Shop - Singapore's one and only fly shop - who I first met through Amin and who is an excellent serious distance caster, as well as a growing circle of others... Qwek, Kelvin, Peter and many others. So there are far worse places to be!

Anyway, I shall be returning to England tonight and then I will kick some Internet Booking arses. Once I've been refunded I'm going to have some fun...

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The loop Paul has produced for the photo (captured from a video?) on one of the banners for this site is, to me, the epitome of a sexy loop: arrow straight where it should be, with a narrow point, that intriguing bow shape, and minimal slack or waves in the rod leg. I think it represents the state of the art for a cast of a standard fly line as far as I understand it today. And, just to rub it in, he produced that on a back cast!

Every once in a while I’m tempted to hand someone my video camera and ask them to record my casting, just to see if I can come close to that level of casting perfection. Yeah, but then reality sets in and I realize I really do not want to know the humbling truth. I know better. I have helped a few folks to improve their casting, and I have witnessed many struggle to incorporate some change in their stroke, even after they seem to understand what tweak is necessary. Even though they understand what they have to do differently, and they are trying to make that change, they simply cannot, at first, get their body to move that way, even though they are seriously trying. In those situations, showing them a video of themselves casting is both very educational and obviously confounding. They simply cannot believe what they see. What they are doing compared to what they think they are doing are two different things. I am quite sure I suffer from the same, what… delusion?

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Fly Rodding For Asp

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Still improving my skills and learning about asp behaviour every day.

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

I read with interest Paul’s ‘Cracking the Code’ front page last week. I thought I’d add some comments of my own on perhaps why, as anglers, we don’t actually want to ‘crack the code’, more like put a bit of a dent in it.

Firstly, I’m sure we’d all agree that ‘cracking the code’ in a fishing sense is an impossibility. I could sit here and type all the variables that I can think of that make up a day’s fishing and someone else could easily come along and add a few pages more. With pretty much unlimited variables, the system (i.e. a day’s fishing) is best described, in a mathematical sense, as chaotic. So, at best we’re looking at trying to see patterns in this chaos and that, to me, is a good way to describe the process of learning to understand a particular fishery or species.

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gordon ramsey

Friday, 18 August 2017

2017. August. Late summer. Finally a good day after all the rain and cold … it felt like the first day of proper trout fishing. I was lucky that Per Skåle of Skålestrømmen invited me to stay a few days at his hut. The good man even managed to order proper weather …

I fished every day til about 1am. When it got dark the action really started.

The fish gather in the faster water running off the upper lake. A good spot for bigger fish is right at the edge. It´s tricky fishing a s there are long casts with small flies required. The various currents don´t make it much easier. Plus one looks right into the low sun. Anyway - I´m just building up to the finale - I managed to invite too good fish to dinner.

One very nice trout which took a Griffiths Gnat with vengeance, and a super beautiful arctic char. I have not caught many char and this one is by far the most beautiful. The colours of these fish make my heart stop and beat faster and harder at the same time. The night before I had hooked on, but made the mistake of putting to much pressure on him. Not this time though.


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The Skjern Sock

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Last week was the Woollen Sock - this week, a new variant of that - one I call The Skjern Sock. I have wirtten before about the Swedish fly, "The Banana", which has become very popular in Southern Scandinavia over the last 5 or so years. Basically it's a dirty yellow fly in the normal, Scandinavian long-and-soft-wing-style.

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Old vs. New

Sunday, 20 August 2017

I've tied a few classic salmon flies, just for fun and to learn how to do them. It was a lot of fun and also some horrible moments behind the vise. I'm fascinated about all the names and the story behind the different famous pattern. I still need more practice to bring these f**ing wings in the perfect position. But there was just one missing; to test them in the water!

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Ronan's Report

Fishing the Kawarau with Santillan!

There’s a great crew of Anglers in these parts. I joined the Wakatipu Anglers Club many years ago and through it I met many great people who I’m still friends with now. As the years go on Members come and go, so it continues to be a great place to meet fellow anglers. We regularly […]

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