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It's Gourami Time

Monday, 26 June 2017

I caught my first Giant Gourami on fly some three years ago. Back then I experienced very random encounters and found the whole adventure to be very hit and miss. I also had a huge problem landing the fish, out of the first 10 hooked I landed one, the other 9 either snagging and smashing me or just smashing me. The change came about because I had bought some braid PE fibre for fishing for Snakehead, which ultimately I didn't use. However for Gourami it was the game-changer I was looking for. I don't know anyone else using PE for fly tippet incidentally, but you can get some excellent presentations with braid, and if you need strength and serious abrasion-resistant materiel (when exchanged for mono or copoly, diameter for diameter) then this is the stuff to use.

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Now the fun begins!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

One of the difficulties a fly angler faces in South Florida is deciding which species to target. We really do have a smorgasbord of premium game fish that can be taken on fly, especially in the salt. Of course there are seasonal variations but summer presents the most delicious menu although it can be downright tough to choose which main course to enjoy.

It really can be a tough decision since big tarpon remain in the area throughout the summer. But, also to be considered, the warm flats will invite permit and large schools of redfish for fantastic sight fishing, one more challenging but the other a potential fish fest. Bonefish are available too, early and late. Snook will gather in large schools in the inlets and river mouths to spawn.

There is even an unusual fish called a Tripletail that also becomes more available. They offer a unique open water sight-fishing opportunity as they often lie on the surface, on their sides, almost like a confused floating flounder. Besides being strong fighters, prehistoric looking and quite willing to take a fly, they are also one of the most delectable fish locally available!

Decisions, decisions…

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Fly Fishing Glomma

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

At the moment we are hosting a fantastic fly fishing trip straight into Grayling heaven. We all know that catching a fish marks only a small percentage of fly fishing - even though the word fish is included in fly FISHing. Anyway here at the Glomma a lot of dreams come true in regrad of CATCHING a proper number of serious fish!

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'Tiddlers galore'

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Last week’s trip to the River Dee in North Wales was interesting. Tracy and I both caught a lot of fish, probably a 50/50 split of browns and grayling, but not one of them was over 6 inches in length. We fished/walked at least a couple of miles upstream from where we started and continued fishing on the return trip, stopping at every fishy looking riffle or pool. I think we caught from pretty much every stopping point but couldn’t get anything other than the tiddlers interested.

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1000 days

Friday, 23 June 2017

I met Konstanse for the first time in person on September 21. 2014 at 14:33. We have been together since. Last Saturday this was for 1000 days. We celebrated this in our own way. We went fishing.

We took the float tubes out to the lake Konstanse had her belly boat flyfishing debut in June 2015. Like the first time, the mayflies were hatching. .... and sheep visited our little camp.

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Saturday, 17 June 2017

I usually carry a net when fishing. I don't always use it - often I can (and that's by far the best) unhook the fish in the water, with minimal or no handling of the fish. Many people ofject to the use of a net, which is a great shame, because I firmly believe that unless you can easily unhook the fish in the water, a net is by far the most gentle way of landing a fish.

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Too hot for pike...

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Puh now it's getting really hot here... we have over 32°. Being on the lake is like in a oven :) but we still tried to get some pikes, sadly only to bites and no fish. So we changed to some swimming and a quite nice sunburn all over. But in the river the trout start to react to big foam flies, so the hopper is back in business, what a fun.

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Ronan's Report

Daltona Restoration Project…

I’d say it was about 13 years ago Kevin and I were out for a few pints in The Fairlie Countryman’s Club. The craic was good talking about all sorts, including me getting electrocuted and blown up in Arrowtown one night, a tale that still emerges from time to time, but that’s a story for […]

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