World Championships Cumbria 2018

We’ve seen a lot of broken rods at the World Championships over the years – although, touch wood, never a Hot Torpedo. However at Mike Duzynski’s suggestion we will have a brand new back up HT10/Comp V2 for the Trout Distance.

I would like to point out that I am using the same original “Competiton” rod that I was using two years ago. It is my go-to 10WT for Snakehead and has caught a lot of very big fish! Also it is the rod that I bash around in competition trout distance and casting events. And I known for being hard on gear.

I only mention this fact because the Italian Team are obviously animals because 80% of our repairs go to Italy!

Have a wonderful competition everyone. I’m looking forward to catching up with you all there! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Cheers, Paul


This is our first go at the HT12, intended for GT and Sailfish. We will lengthen up the handle as an option for fighting belts. It’s going to get a lot of use but so far the blank is very promising with a strong HT action.

If you are coming to the Sexyloops Hot Torpedo Weekend in two weeks then prepare to have a cast!

Awesome build quality from Sexyloops Rod Builder Lee 🙂 Here he is sporting some new Tonic Shades!

Recent Custom Hot Torpedos

Here are a few of our latest Custom Hot Torpedos:

Chuan’s second HT8 (Chuan has two HT6s as well!)…

Andy’s first Hot Torpedo (HT4)…

And then an Instructor 6 with a difference for Stu Tripney MCI in New Zealand…

Full Hot Torpedo customisation is free and included in the price and we currently give free world-wide shipping…

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Cheers, Paul

Paul’s HT10 Strikes Again!

Still going strong after two years, the original Hot Torpedo 10 catches another 4KG Giant Snakehead 🙂

This rod has given me so many great moments. Two years ago it gave me a Bronze Medal in the 5WT Word Championships and in two weeks will be in Cumbria for the 5th World Championships.

But really, it’s just a fabulous 10WT fishing rod designed for Jungle Snakehead and Tropical Saltwater in mind.

Cheers, Paul

PS Thanks Stu Tripney for the great photos!

The Italian Job

One of three rods for the Italian Team at the World Champioships bringing their total to six! Which means at a minimum Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Japan and Jersey will all be wielding Hot Torpedos in the 5WT distance event.

For the first three World Championships, all held in Norway, I cast using the HT6 blank (Instructor and Comp5 variations) for this event. Twice I reached the finals – ie the top six competitors – and once narrowly missing the finals. No medals however and a bit of a lottery with the wind!

For the most recent World Championships, held in Estonia in 2016, we had just launched the Hot Torpedo 10 weight fitted with Torzite Rings. This rod is our Competiton 5 V2 and has been our top seller because it’s both a fantastic 10WT (it’s my go-to Snakehead rod) and also a remarkable 5WT competition distance rod. In the Estonian World Champships I came third and received the Bronze Medal.

This coming August the World Championships are to be held in Cumbria. I suspect and hope we will have a few HTs in the final and fingers crossed the Gold!

If a rod is going to explode chances are it will be at this event… I will have a backup HT10 for all HT owners in case of such a scenario.