HT Comp Shirt

This is the much anticipated Sexyloops shirt for our HT competition. Every entrant has won this exclusive shirt worth 60USD! Where it says Paul Arden it will say your name and even your website and/or casting qualifications – as you wish.

The shirt comes with sleeves (not shown 🙂 ) which can be long or short. It is possible to create a collared variation too but for a small extra charge. Shipping from Malaysia is 10GBP.

For sizing expect yourself to be one size larger than normal (the shirts are made for us in Malaysia!) so if you are an “L” please order an “XL”.

The fish was cleverly caught by Aitor Coréton. Thanks Aitor!

A Great Idea!

This is a great idea from An Ren Tan and it’s an idea that will appeal to those of you who own more than one HT flyrod. An has 4, 6, 8 and 10 – and his girlfriend 6 and 8 I believe! So to stop the blanks getting mixed up – which can happen to anyone of course – An has different end whippings for each rod.  This is his HT8, with metallic  silver! 🙂

Off to do battle with Tasmanian Sea-Trout

This is the latest Pro6 which has just left Gatwick Airport destined to Tasmania, where it will catch MANY large estuary sea trout 😀

I’m not sure if the rod was sent with a spare tip, or if it follows, however if YOU want a spare tip of the 4, 6 or 8WT models it will cost you an extra 100GBP at the time of order (slightly more for the HT10 because of the Torzite Rings). Furthermore, another special we are doing is for those who like two matching rods, we will make sure that the sections are all interchangeable between rods. I used to carry matching and interchangeable rods for backcountry NZ fishing.

We are very busy at the moment, which is how we like it!

Cheers, Paul

Sexyloops Rod Tubes

Just in – our latest shipment of Sexyloops Rod Tubes, courtesy of Rec Components in the USA. The end caps are now in gold to match the Sexyloops logo!

As beautiful as they are, for those of you who don’t require a sexy rod tube for your HT (I know many of you are like me and, instead of carrying multiple rod tubes, use a large drain pipe!) then we can subtract the cost of the aluminium tube and post your HT in a plastic tube.  Just email me if you would like this option! 🙂


Get a Grip!

Something a bit different – this is what a shipment of cork looks like! We have excellent connections to our cork manufacturer in Portugal. These are all “super” grade cork grips (the finest available) that have just arrived today, for HT fly rods.

I shall be visiting their factory in Cascais later this year, when my sister and I race in a Half-Ironman triathlon in their local sea-side town 🙂

Customer Report – Fred’s HT4

Casting the HT4 is pure pleasure, great line control and super dependable. Perfect efficiency in the rod. I like the understated looks of the rods, it surely beats the other alternatives out there recently… more and more rods these days look like “lipstick on a pig!”. Lee does an outstanding job. The devil is in the details… and the fit and form is far more important than any sparkles and shiny junk that tries to hide all that. Lee the perfectionist shows through these rods.”

Fred Paddock – HT4, 6 and 8 Owner.

Rainer’s HT6

This a custom HT6 that is on its way to Germany. Personalised grip, thread colour, name and even tracked shipping are all included in the retail price.

Every rod also includes a free casting lesson from me. August 25-26 all HT owners are welcome to attend a fly casting weekend in Coggeshall, Essex, where you will receive 1-1 as well as group fly casting lessons from me, for free.

Our repair warranty is simple. For 70GBP we will replace any broken section. This includes return shipping from us (not shipping to us). For 150GBP we will strip your rod to the cork, replace any worn rings and rebuild it to our beautifully precise standards. For 100GBP (excluding shipping) we can send you a spare tip so that you always have a spare.

Here is Rainer’s stunning HT…

Cheers, Paul

The best 8wt I have ever used.

I’ve recently started competition fly casting and in the process I have gotten the chance to cast more rods in the last 18 months than in had since I had started fly fishing.

My fishing has improved too with the ability to be more consistent and to have more range and accuracy and get to fish that I might not have had a chance at without all the casting practice.

Now then, for the last ten days I have been lucky enough to be on North Andros in the Bahamas. However, the weather here has been the wettest and windiest May for the last five years. Which meant it was difficult to spot the Bonefish and equally challenging to get the fly in front of them quickly enough.
This is where the 8wt Hot Torpedo came in to its own! What a rod! Accurate, powerful, light weight but with plenty of finesse to protect your tippet on the Bonefish’s first blistering run.

This trip has proved what I had been thinking since I first picked up the Hot Torpedo. It’s the best fishing 8wt I’ve ever used. In fact it’s a pleasure to cast and fight fish with.

You can tell by the pictures how “nice” the weather is. It looks more like the west of Scotland in February! However a lot warmer!

Anyway, if you get the chance to try a Sexyloops Hot Torpedo 8wt, you won’t regret it, in fact, it could transform your fishing experience.

Tight Lines
Ross Bannerman