The Sexyloops COMP5 V2

In case you’ve missed it here is a short video of me playing around with a measured 90ft distance carry using the HT COMP5 V2 which is available special order by emailing me In essence it is the same rod as the HT10 – same blank, same Torzite Titanium Rings, only the logo and magic are a little different.


This is the rod that gave me a Bronze Medal in last year’s World Championships. A little more luck with the wind and things might have been even better!

Busy at Basecamp

We’ve been very busy the last few weeks particularly after our latest shipment of Torzites arrived. This is the way we like it of course! We had 12 rods on the go last week, which is very busy for us – so THANKS!!!

Mika the Legend!
HT8 destined for London
More rods for Mongolia and one for Sweden.

The Hot Torpedo Warranty

The Hot Torpedo Warranty is slightly different from the Sage Lifetime Guarantee. It’s similar in many ways – we will replace a broken section of your rod for the current price of 70USD. If it’s a broken tip section we will send this straight out to you – tip sections always seem to fit!

If it’s another section then you need to invest in a hacksaw and cut four inches either side off the broken section (or just the male ferrule in the case of the butt section) and pop these in post to us. And then for 70USD we will send a section that perfectly fits, taken from our stock of blanks.

The main difference however, between what we offer and everyone else, is that our guarantee is not restricted to original owner only; it is a lifetime promise that comes with each and every rod. So even if you decide to sell, die, or give away your rod to your best friend, the warranty continues.

Chuan testing the Hot Torpedo Warranty