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Sexyloops Invisibility Shirt

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If you are a Hot Torpedo owner then please enter our competition where the best entry wins a Hot Torpedo rod of his or her choice. Simply send a photograph and a story about your HT rod to me and best entry wins. Full rules here:

Many thanks, Paul

ENTRY NO.10 – Pat Brennan

In 2012 I began my journey towards FFFCCI certification. I worked for many hours on my casting and teaching techniques in my lunch breaks, after work and on the weekends. I had many friends and fellow fly fishers offer their assistance and had one MCI candidate in particular offer a huge amount of help. I enlisted the help of a mentor and together we reviewed the test, practiced and polished my practical and teaching technique.

Around about this time a new rod was being developed on the other side of the world, to be called the Sexyloops Hot Torpedo. I watched the development, read the early reviews, and thought this sounds like the type of rod I would like to own. I made a promise to myself that if I passed my CI test I would reward myself with a white Sexyloops Hot Torpedo Instructor rod.

So after many years as a fly fisher and a solid 12 months dedicated towards certification I sat the test at Hayes on Brumby in Cressy Tasmania. A great facility for fly fishermen run by an equally great guy, Peter Hayes.

As luck would have it, I passed both the practical and written tests that day and was awarded the CI designation. I wasted no time after that and placed my order for the rod. I waited patiently here in Australia for the rod to arrive, we are used to waiting for things in Australia being so far away from everywhere else.

When the rod arrived, I was very happy with it. The finish on the components was excellent and the casting action of the rod even better. It has become my number one practice rod and I use it when demonstrating and teaching these days. All too infrequently due to work and family commitments. So that is the story of how HT No20 came to live in Australia.

But what is a rod if it does not get fished? I have used the rod to fish many times, in both fresh and saltwater and have caught many different species with it. The white blank hasn’t been a disadvantage as I thought it might be fishing but I haven’t used it on a technical trout stream where that might make a difference. Most of my trips are saltwater or freshwater Australian natives. Probably my favourite trip with this rod was bone fishing on Christmas Island. I have attached a photo of a bone fish caught on that trip.

ENTRY NO9 – Marcus Schmidt – Mullet On The Fly

Hi Paul, hope all is well with you and Ashly. Sending you a couple of photos taken yesterday 14 /5/2017 for the comp you are running, there is no way fishing in Jersey can compete with the exotics of other parts of the world but I thought this mullet might hold some  sentimental value for you and possibly be of some significance regarding the competition.

Firstly it was caught in Jersey where your from , secondly, if I am not mistaken ? it may be the first saltwater species caught in Jersey on one of your very own hot torpedoed fly rods and thirdly it’s the first time I have used the H. T rod since purchase and it was our first mulleting season of the year.  So like I said not a big fish, but something of value to us both.

Kind regards, Marcus.


ENTRY No8 – Miss Ashly Chan

(My flyrod story)
When I first met Paul in Nov 2014, he invited me to fish with him in Temenggor, but I had no idea what fly-fishing was all about! After few invitations from him, my curiosity kicked in “what is FLY-FISHING” thus I decided to join him in December. It was my  first trip to Belum Temenggor lake which lies beneath the world’s oldest rainforest. I still remember the water level at that time was very high and most of the aboriginal huts and small islands were underwater. So sad, but thank god no casualty reported.
I was there for 10 days, as a beginner Paul shows me what is flyfishing. I tied my first fly and my first flycasting lesson with HT6. And there my fishing adventure begun with Sexyloops Hot Torpedo 6 aka HT6.
My first lesson on flycasting. BTW my bum doesn’t fit in this pants anymore
My first popper which I still have it in my fly box
I fish a lot in Europe and Malaysia with HT6 after that. Let’s put aside places that I don’t catches or losing fish 😜. I had my brown trout with HT6 in Jersey, Varzina river in Russia, Asp in Hungary, Grayling in Ribnik Bosnia (which I caught couple of decent size of grayling within 30 mins!), Pacu in Air Kuning Malaysia and some of our saltwater fishing gateaway in Koh Ngai Thailand and The Phillipine. It has lots of sentimental value with me and my HT6.
The Fisherman’s  Song

White waves are crashing, but I am not afraid,
Holding the rudder steadily, I row straight ahead
Cast the rod into the water to the fishes’ lair
Caught a big fish
Hai Yo Yi Yo Yi Yo En Hai Yo! (x4)

First Grayling in Ribnik Bosnia
(Big smile when you had fish)
HT6 is my reliable fishing partner. I am not very good in technical of rod performance and I trust you know understand better than I do. But one thing that I am aware of and works very well to me is it’s matte finish. Just imagine this, you fish in this pristine river or lake with crystal clear water, you pick up your glossy rod and the reflection spook the fish! Ahhh how frustrating it would be! For beginners like me (where fish are mostly educated now!) every details matter as it will determine whether you will just give up or continue with the adventure. In my case he nailed it.
Simple words my HT6 cast well, not too heavy, doesn’t break when I had fish on and spook fish.
Can any of you still remember where and how you feel when you got your first fish? Lochinver Scotland is where I got my first fish in a cold weather  (around 1 degrees Celcius) – a native wild brown trout.
We had an amazing time in Lochinver. We fish, laugh, walk and eat a lot during our trip. Well, with my bulky neoprene wader and layers of clothes gives me limited movements and make it harder for me to hike for hours and cross the streams. But the scenic view around us is just breathtaking and it’s worth for all the effort. Everytime I talk about Lochinver and my first fish, I am on cloud nine.
Worth for the hours of walk.
It was very cold!

One evening while I was admiring the beautiful landscape and the calm lake that reflecting the skies, I notice some disturbance on the water, my women instinct tells me something is there, just not sure what it is 😜. Without doubting my instinct I picked up my HT6 and cast, wait for few second and retrieve the line slowly. And woo la la I feel the pull, my first native wild brown trout.  My excitement alerted Paul which he was BUSY enjoying his cold beer treat after a hard work setting up our tent. He ran towards me wanting to share my joy (thank god he didn’t trip). I was excited, clumsy and also nervous (mix feelings) on how to handle the fish. I don’t want to hurt the fish. With no hesitation Paul took control of the situation. I listen carefully and follow exactly what he said. All under control, catch and release, the fish swam back to the lake gracefully. What a great moment! Paul was very happy for me and I am delighted on my first catch.

My adventure with HT rod doesn’t stop, from graceful trout to aggressive Giant Snakehead and fly-casting sports……………

ENTRY NO7 – Mika Lappalainen

My first but not last…..

There is always stories to be told…. I just want to share this one with you. This is about how I met Sexyloops. I will have some shortcuts in my written story but you get idea anyway.

August 2016, Monday evening… I was just going to refill my car in Russia (diesel is about half of price what it is Finland) and back home, it would take about 2 hours home to home. Next morning it would be rafting guiding and afternoon tvshow shots, Thursday and Friday fishing guiding and Saturday rafting. Just normal week in my office.

I came to Russian border station and saw Jeep standing on area where they park cars if they have some issue. I went thru passport check and saw guy sitting on bench and lady walking around. I was thinking what the heck is that British looking man doing in here. I declared my car and I was about to leave from building when I decided to ask if they had problem (I knew they had but didn’t know what kind of it would be).

They couldn’t cross border because they (Paul) couldn’t declare the car. He didn’t have final document of registration. I don’t know if you have been in Russia but they are strict about things go by the book. The other problem Paul and Ashly had was that Russian’s authoritative speaks only Russian and Finnish (if even that). I’m not sure but I think either of those are Paul’s best language.

I figured out the problem (and also that Paul and Ashly should be in Lovozero before midday on Tuesday) and also called to my Russian friend if we could find short cut to problem. But like I told with authoritatives there is no short cut. Decision was that someone needs to go Petroskoi to pay the customs duty fee.


From map you figure it out fast that was not really option, driving 700 km one way, paying fee, driving back 700 km to get Paul and Ashly going to…. It was Monday evening around 18.00 and they needed to be in Lovozero Tuesday at 12.00. By the way car can’t be in custom area without driver so someone else should go to Petroskoi. I will short this little bit but there was lot of things going and one main issue was that if they go back to Finland to rent a car, they can’t come back to Russia because their visas would be used.

Paul had already asked if I could take them to Lovozero and come with them to fish (for free), I said to him that I will hate him rest of my life because that kind offer…. Varzina….. dream come true in many ways… I haven’t been fishing there but I know the river and area, you just fall in love….. at the same time I had duties back home, I was calling my wife already about things going. Suddenly authorities did something really extra extra ordinary…. they said that if I will take Paul and Ashly to Lovozero they could return to Finland and leave car and then we could cross border. (hyss, don’t tell anybody about this, this is trust issue between us)….

Okay, I refill my car and I go with you…. You are still an asshole Paul with all love.

Back to Kuusamo, packing my car with fishing equipment, leaving Paul’s car to our yard and heading back to Russia. Crossing border easily just before closing. We (I) drove whole night to Lovozero and (I) trying to figure out how to fix guiding back home and especially if I would have home when we would be back. (You know, my wife was not really happy about me jumping like that, but offer was just too good)


There is big areas without phone connection….. We came to Lovozero around 6 am, plenty of time before take off to Varzina. During the night I had to admit that I have no chance to go and I have to go back to work for the rest of the week.

We agreed that I will pick them up next Tuesday…. We said bye bye and I started to drive back home. I was many ways in deep sorrow but……

Week went off and it came to next Tuesday, helicopter would be in Lovozero around 1pm. I needed to start at 6 am from home to be in border when it is opening. (Alone I was able to cross border from Salla, because of immigration issue on that point in Salla it was only Finnish, Russian and Belarus people allowed to cross border or ones which are married with them).

The Return Trip

So this was my day trip…. I came to Lovozero airport just in time to pick Paul and Ashly. (Don’t tell them that I was checking some rivers on the way). We started to drive back to Kuusamo and we needed to go Suoperya. On the way in some point my car’s turbo went off and I was worrying if we can manage to border in time (it would be closed at 8.30pm). I think that Paul had some effect on car because normally it is doing okay and I have learned that Paul have issues with cars.

Luckily it was only safety mode and I could pass it. We came to border around 8pm to refill car before going Finland. We were running out of gasoline so we really needed to refill. Gas station was closed but for our luck I was able to talk it open again. After refilling we went Russian border station where everything was easy and fast. We left from there 8.25pm and heading to Finland’s border station. We came there it was just about to be closed……. Finland now we can relax. I drove home and my wife (and me) invited Paul and Ashly to be our guests for few nights and maybe we would go fishing in our area also. (which we did).

Ou…. This should be story about Sexyloops HT rod….. Well I got this one beginning of March. It is number 126.

Mika The Legend!

And it will be used a lot starting from coming summer…… right after this snow is off….

This is a same place where I got some teaching from great Mr.Sexyloops, in night time after few beers.

Starting from right Paul, Ashly, me, Satu (my wife) and Tommi our trainee.

You will get another story about HT when this river is open again… 1.6.

The great Paul fishing almost in right place…..

So this was my first contact to Sexyloops and about my first HT rod which is not used yet. I hope that you enjoyed it.

For me this is story about helping a stranger…. And sometimes they will reward you nice way.

Kuusamo, Finland
Ps. See you on the river and keep fishing.