Shimmer Red Mirror

Shimmer red mirror




With great clarity and optics our new mirrors look and feel fantastic.  With copper based green and grey based red and silver, we have all water types covered.  Tonics mirrors offer high definition glare reduction and they deliver high contrast in low light conditions and a very high result when fishing.  The mirror itself has been applied inside the lens and so cannot be scratched off.


VLT 14% Visual Light Transmittance

All Tonic Eyewear frames are made from TR90 Grilamid optical grade material.  They are all tough and lightweight.  Our frames are designed to be comfortable and optimise block out of sunlight.  Any non TR90 components are nickel or stainless steel to prevent rusting.


Paul's Comments

Now this one I have found interesting! I didn't expect that I would like red so much, however it gives an excellent contrast when sight fishing. The SHIMMER style lens is the best for cutting out unwanted light from reflecting off the inside of the lens. Please note: while shipping is included in the price, currently we mail these from Malaysia!

200 USD