Further Reading

There are numerous books on trout fishing. Here is a personal recommendation for the beginner (in italics are my reason for recommending):

  • John Goddard and Brian Clarke: The Trout and the Fly
    (understanding trout)

  • John Goddard: The Waterside Guide
    (fly fishing entomology)

  • Martin Cairncross, John Dawson and Chris Ogborne: Success with Trout
    (fly fishing on stillwaters)

  • Charles Jardine: Sotherby's Guide to Fly Fishing
    (fly patterns)

  • Peter Mackenzie-Philps: Fly Casting Handbook
    (fly casting)

  • Mel Krieger: The Essence of Flycasting
    (fly casting)

  • Steve Parton: Boat Fishing for Trout
    (lure fishing from boats - very interesting read)

Anything and everything you can lay your hands on.

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