Equipment and Clothing

What followings is a list of the suggested minimum items to take up fly fishing:

  • Rod and reel -I guess you don't actually need them in theory, but it's a whole lot easier with them.

  • Floating fly-line to match the rod (preferably weight forward)

  • Sinking lines (for the methods covered previously, you need: intermediate, Wetcel II or similar, HiD or similar) on spare spools (also in weight forward)

  • Priest and marrow spoon (combined is best) - keep convenient for dispatching trout

  • Spools of tippet material (for stillwaters 7ib and 4lb double strength or copolymer)

  • Scissors

  • Forceps (removes hooks)

  • Hook sharpener

  • Sinkant (for the leader - a mix of Fuller's earth and washing-up liquid)

  • Fly floatant (gel is best)

  • Waistcoat, bag or funny-pack/bum-bag

  • Landing net - essential for boat fishing

  • Waders (I try not to use them)

  • Bag for fish (not plastic - cook them later) or an ice-box (consider for boats)

  • Drogue (underwater parachute) for drift-fishing

  • G-clamp - comes in very useful for attaching drogues and anchor ropes

For clothing you need a silly hat (mandatory for fly-fisherman - I was lucky enough to find mine in the Australian Outback, so as you can imagine it has real class), sunglasses (preferably polaroids, and with the minimum tint for late evening fishing) and appropriate warm clothes for early season and light weight for summer.

I wear hiking clothes made from polypropylene and polar-fleece since they both dry quickly and are warm when wet. In the truck I also carry spares. I fall in a few times each season, and it can be quite a nuisance if it happens during the early part of the day.

Clothes should be colour blended to suit backdrop.

I always carry wet weather gear, my coat is Goretex (a friend dived in Goretex and came out dry - so I guess that's about as good as any recommendation gets) my over-trousers are proofed nylon (too much crawling for Goretex to stand).


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