This guide has been written with a view to preparing the efficient fly caster for his successful trout angling. By efficient caster, I mean one who has acquired the standard of ability where he can put the fly in a position of his choosing, without too much forethought and with very little effort. This is not intended to be a complete manual of trout fishing, but rather a guide to point the angler in the right direction.

It is somewhat of a paradox that trout fishing seems like quite a simple operation after the initial novice stages, and later when a certain degree of expertise is accomplished, the whole procedure seems so utterly complicated that it comes as complete surprise that it is possible to catch any fish whatsoever.

In this guide it is my intention to simplify trout fishing. I make no apology for including areas of apparent complexity since this is not of my making, but rather of the trout. Trout can be real bastards sometimes. And this is probably why they gain so much of my respect.


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