The Naturals - Terrestial

Terrestrials are land born and being so, often require assistance to enter the water. On dour days I have on occasion shaken insects from trees in order to encourage a rise. Often, however the wind will perform this for us. Great, The angler who fails to carry a large number of terrestrial patterns will fail to catch trout when selectivity abounds.


Are the fist terrestrials to make an entry into the trout diet during the season. It occurs in May, the timing being dependent on the weather spring has given us, and offers perhaps the best of bank-side dry fly fishing. These large black insects, easily identifies by their long trailing rear legs, can end up on the water in huge numbers.


Have an amazing ability to take to the wing and for some reason known only to themselves decide to land on the water en masse two or three times a season during August. The rise following this event is often something to be seen to be believed. The fact is, if you don't carry ant patterns tyou will not catch many fish (if you get caught out - and you will only get caught out once - try a small black spider) If you carry the necessary patterns you will receive some of your lifetime's most memorable angling.


Can also end up in large quantities on the lake surface. Greenfly require size 20 hooks. Size 20 hookd require fine leaders (4lb d/s at the absolute outside, preferably 2.5 lb d/s). Fine leaders require light lines (AFTM #4/5), however with a really light hand you might just get away with #6. Any heavier and you can forget it.


Feature well in the August menu. Carry patterns. At a push a greased up Invicta will suffice.


Especially in September, are well worth including in your box.

Crane fly

Otherwise known as Daddy Long Legs get blown all the way across the lake (unless intercepted), and can appear any time after April, but are really only a feature of September. Grass cutting on the upwind bank disturbs them and being somewhat ungainly flyers you had better make sure you are on the upwind bank because large numbers are going to end up on the water. Big trout will rise to a daddy. Yes, you can catch ten pounders on these flies.

A New Zealand Cicada

Beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers and moths

Can all end up on the water. In the summer months you can expect to spoon them, however I have never seen trout rise selectively to them on an English Stillwater.

Trout also feed on Mice. Mouse fishing can be particularly good overseas at night.


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