The Weather

The weather is probably the biggest single element of the success of the angler which is beyond his control. Some anglers recommend clouds, rain, wind, storms and promote their advantages with as much drama as the weather they wish to describe. Yet others talk of fair weather, sunny skies and gentle breathless winds, not perhaps going as far as to describe down-right stinking hot droughts, but stopping only just short. And these anglers talk with equal commitment to their beliefs.

My view is that all weathers are part of the angler's world and that whatever the weather I'd much rather be amongst it wielding a fishing rod than sitting at home watching it through a window. But some weather patterns tend towards more success then others. For example, in cloudy days it is sensible to assume that the fish will be closer to the surface than on bright ones. Perhaps they feel safer, maybe it's because they don't wear sunglasses. Windy days tend to cause the fish to swim somewhat deeper, it is thought that on cloudy windy days the fish are three times as deep as the waves are high. Bigger fish are more likely to be caught on windy days. I think. At least it appears to happen more often than coincidence would dictate.

I'll be honest and throw in my tuppence for what its worth, and say that I don't care what weather I get so long as the fish rise, which more often than not, means I need very little wind. The less the better.

I think that perhaps one of the most annoying things that non-anglers try to freak me out with, is the demand for fresh fish. Often it happens that I am asked for a freshly caught fish for a Friday night bash. "Oh, and it's a dinner party, so I'll need one of about five pounds, if you'd be so good", they'll say. Like I'm a god or some such. I used to reply, "yeah sure, and I'll need cloudy skies with a nice Sou'Westerly, if you'd be so kind".

You will note that I did say that I used to make this reply. However it should be noted at this point that cloudy skies and SW winds (nice or otherwise) will not always guarantee your success with five pounders.

Nowadays, I simply tell them that all the five pounders have been caught, and they can be found in the supermarket


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