Fly Tying

I would recommend for the beginner to take up fly tying as soon as possible. It teaches you heaps about what a fly should look like.

I have never met even a fairly good angler who doesn't roll his own. Good quality flies are expensive (upwards of 80p each) and besides, you just can't buy the flies you need. Try buying size #20 suspenders for example.

The angler who fails to tie his own flies is certainly missing out on one of the great pleasures fly fishing offers.

Tips for your flies:

  1. Make the heads as small as possible

  2. Keep the dressing sparse and simple.

  3. Spiders should have only one or two turns of hackle.

  4. When dubbing fur, dub a little at a time.

  5. If your partner (living, not boat) is not too perturbed then keep a small fishtank and stock it with nymphs - so you can copy them (incidentally its also a great way to find out just how your flies should be fished)

  6. Tie flies in batches - it saves time - and aim to make all flies that should look the same, actually do look the same.

If you use road-kill/shot materials then kill the bugs by deep freezing/microwaving.

Fly tying is one of those great pleasures in life. If you over-winter then it can help keep you sane.


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