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Newsletter 25/09/01

I'm back!

It had to happen sooner or later. It often does, well it always has so far, and I'm available for teaching. I'm taking lots of bookings, so the sooner you book one, the better! I'm based in Coggeshall, which is half way between Colchester and Chelmsford. Hanningfield is just up the road, and there is a river in my garden. What more could one ask for?

The Terminal Experience

I flew via Japan. I rather like flying via Japan. They stick you up in a hotel where you can have a hot bath and test out your latest suspender buzzers. They give you breaky and on the whole are a rather friendly bunch.

In the morning, when it was time to leave, I discovered that I had some free time and so decided to investigate the other terminal building.

You know, some people are so blinkered in their approach to life. Life is full of endless opportunities. I could of course, like everyone else, have left the coach at the correct terminal and subsequently spent an extra three quarters of an hour sitting on my bum, waiting in the departure lounge. However, I decided to take the more interesting approach and, in the name of research, I disembarked at the wrong terminal and spent some enjoyable time meeting new people and visiting new places.

The Karen Experience

Just before departing Australia, throwing away my thermals and donning my shorts and sandals, in preparation for the much more appealing sun-parched shores of the UK – last year one reader bitterly complained that I was unfair to Old Blighty and that he, for one, would never book a lesson with me and that this was a direct result of the terrible insult I had made to the nation; apparently the weather's wonderful… at least if you live indoors – so anyway, just before leaving, I had the chance to teach lesson 3 of The Experience.

I now have to put this together and it should be up within about a week and a half. These lessons just get better and better.

Of course lesson 4 will take a little while to come out, as my star pupil now happens to be on the other side of the world, in a very cold and rainy place. The plan is to drop by on my flight over to New Zealand, I mean there is a hell of a lot of people counting on Karen to master the double-haul and she doesn't want to let them down.


Stillwater has been launched. It has taken dedicated effort on the part of Karen's fingers and Steve's design abilities, and I am very pleased with the result. There's tons of content in this new section. I now have to crosslink it all together (my that will be fun!) and add photos and tying instructions to the fly selection section – try saying that after a few.

I'm sure that you find this to be a useful addition to the site.

Line Profiles

This debate on flyline profiles really is very interesting. I feel very fortunate that the manufacturers and engineers who design the flylines have taken the trouble to respond to my questions. There are physics in flylines and it is nice to be able to fully appreciate this and attain a greater degree of understanding. Many thanks to Bruce Richards, Michael Evans, Simon Gawesworth, Peter Sutton and Michael Gormley for their involvement in this discussion. I personally have found it to be most enlightening and am thoroughly enjoying this.

For me the greatest point I had overlooked (so far) and which I now fully appreciate, is the application of momentum. Momentum, as I recall from my days spent studying engineering in Aberdeen, equals Mass x Velocity. As the line tapers off the mass decreases, which therefore means that the velocity must increase. Therefore as the loop unfurls at the end of the cast, it actually gains speed. The steeper the taper: the greater the acceleration.

Obviously I should have spent more time in lectures and less time chasing girls. Of course had I done that, I would probably be working in an office. Life :-)

I have new information for the casting tips section and hope to have completed the overhaul (as started three months ago – my has this site changed in that time!) by the time I next fly out. I have a sudden urge to get myself over to New Zealand. They are just coming into spring and I rather fancy a blast at some of those backcountry trout once again. Anyway, I now wish to update some of my comments previously made on the Single Spey Cast and the Scandinavian Underhand Cast. Following a recent spate of emails on the subject I've changed my opinion.

Flycasting Practice

I am now in serious flycasting practise mode. I have just one month left to polish off my flycasting technique in time for the Chatsworth Angling Fair. I'm going to be spending some of my dedicated practise hours casting to both Hanningfield and Rutland trout… :-)

And of course flycasting in all this heat and blazing sunshine is going to take it out of me. I just hope that I can acclimatise in time.

Best regards - Paul

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