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Ten - SL is 10 years young this month!
Launching the Lumiline
From Barcelona to Hungary
Spanish Mirrors - fishing with Tonio, Marc, Babus and Cherry.
The Sexyloopers River of Life - destination Spain.
A Sexyloopers Guide to NZ Wilderness
Sabbaticals and the Revolution
Pike - some stuff to know
Asping - still in Hungary! (or in fact back in Hungary).
A Sexyloopers Guide to Hungary
Pretty in Pink - not
Two Poles West Yellowstone and Te Anau
White River, Arkansas it's good, but just think how good
Supa Nova back in North America, first stop Nova Scotia
Sexyloops: The Flyfishing Party
Countdown Last few days in NZ
Flaming Underpants Wildeness fishing and No Fly Zones
Enlightenment the long awaited release!
Scruffy Flies Paul's top tying tips
Numbers holidays in Fiordland and the future of Didymo
Stillwater Dry evolution in the UK
Close Quarter Fishing getting in close with stealth
Sequencing and trout response
Trout Flats interesting fishing
Fish my life's calling
The Big Fish Fetish Springtime in New Zealand
Kayak Flyfishing fishing the rise
Two Impossibilities Saltfly and Dave's Dead Caddis
The Livingston Conclave Lasse takes the Masters'
Streamside One year down the path of the Sexylooper
Fishing the Film Poms in Kayaks
The Real Thing how much is flycasting instruction worth?
Honeymoon Key West and the American Dream
Tarpon Imaginary Key's fishing
The Den Travelling the Florida Keys
Back in America Texan Redfish
Seasons from Autumn to Spring
Sanctuary and why I'm not "not getting any younger"
Flip me a Royal Traffic Light fly selection in NZ South Island
Rain and Two Hands - just what it says it is
Night Hunter - Paul goes fishing
Window of Opportunity never put off catching a fish
Walk on water the one where Paul meets Jesus
Flybox out with the old, in with the new
2005 welcoming the New Year
Hamner or in fact Hanmer.
The Plan (in a bath)
Insatiable Flyfishing New Zealand
See Red Imaginary Redfish with Rick and Bill
Black Lure The approach and special flies
Interesting Fact Las Vegas and the Fuckup Cast
Autumn Fishing the woolly bugger in Colorado
Take the Shipman's Instruction and fishing in America
Living Flyfishing The drive behind this site
Quickdraw! Floating the Madison
The fishing starts now The FFF Conclave
Stampede Sales, traffic cops and stampedes
US first float trip and Bruce leads the way
Sexyloops - The Instructor DVD and leaving for America
Look no hair! just what it says it is
Scotland Plunder Viking Lars and the Pink Micra
Ambidextrous Amphibiousness learning to cast with both hands
Panorama non-existent Sardinian saltfly opportunites
The Project fluff and content
Publishing and Trout Fisherman magazine
The Airflo Vortex
Things that go bump Night fishing on UK stillwaters
The Programme 3M backs Sexyloops and Guy's rubber duck de-rubberises
Hair Freedom a shift in focus
Roots how incredibly difficult flyfishing must be
Sean's sandflies and bush smells
Belief and Conviction How to nail fish
The Board Fighting off the marketing
The Management Happy New Year and a fresh start
Travels Happy Christmas and why you catch less when you're a bum
Out of Tune Singing love songs about fish
Revelation Leaving the EFFF
The Terminator Big and Ugly flies in secret New Zealand rivers.

Here are the past newsletters, which reveal the sometimes turbulent and always exciting history of Sexyloops...

26 Nov 03 (The Red Herring)
17 Nov 03 (The best toys)
13 Nov 03 (Two questions)
05 Nov 03 (Toothache and the start of the edge)
29 Oct 03 (Double Heckler - The British Flyfair)
20 Oct 03 (The Crowd and the EFFF Masters)
13 Oct 03 (Welcome to Sexyloops)
23 Sep 03 (Nada de nada)
15 Sep 03 (The dedicated professional flycasting instructor)
08 Sep 03 (Spanish Sexyloop)
01 Sep 03 (Destination Spain)
25 Aug 03 (Consistency)
19 Aug 03 (Leaving me out the crowds)
11 Aug 03 (Mastering the Masters)
04 Aug 03 (The Convent)
28 Jul 03 (Detonate: The New Board and FFF Conclave)
21 Jul 03 (The Road and back to fishing)
14 Jul 03 (In Germany, casting further, always looking)
07 Jul 03 (The way ahead: Germany and the future of Sexyloops)
01 Jul 03 (Imitation ants)
23 Jun 03 (Stickleback Hunting)
16 Jun 03 (Spanish Hot Stuff and Distance Blasting)
19 May 03 (Sheep)
05 May 03 (Planning the Plan in the West Country)
29 Apr 03 (The whipfuck - an important new flytying technique)
19 Apr 03 (The Explosion: flycasting and Vikings)
15 Apr 03 (The Club - bring your flipflops)
05 Apr 03 (Proven by fools)
29 Mar 03 (The Mind - Germany, the Board and Mohicans)
21 Mar 03 (The Vortex - what a great season)
10 Mar 03 (Tipping over the elitist kayakers)
03 Mar 03 (The Squeeze)
25 Feb 03 (Hauling for the hell of it)
17 Feb 03 (A reputation for hackles)
10 Feb 03 (The Zone)
03 Feb 03 (JanMan and the Women-thing)
27 Jan 03 (Another perspective)
20 Jan 03 (...and why it isn't)
13 Jan 03 (Flyfishing is cruel; beware of imitations)
06 Jan 03 (Headin' South)
31 Dec 02 (A Turangi New Year)
23 Dec 02 (The Saltwater Blast and Get Down!)
16 Dec 02 (The Anti-Sell)
09 Dec 02 (Run-flyfishing)
02 Dec 02 (Wheels and Snake Lifts)
25 Nov 02 (Polaroids, Windows and Seeing)
18 Nov 02 (Schools,Seagulls and Conflict)
11 Nov 02 (Readership, Hedged Bets and NZ Fishing)
04 Nov 02 (NZ, rugby balls and plastic coffee)
28 Oct 02 (Operation Brainstorm and The Plan)
21 Oct 02 (The Last Cast)
14 Oct 02 (Fishcoach, AAPGAI, honesty and Sean)
07 Oct 02 (Irony and the Lumalux)
30 Sep 02 (The Casting Machine)
23 Sep 02 (Fly Fair and clogs)
16 Sep 02 (EFFF Build-up and Fly Fair)
09 Sep 02 (Blow me up)
02 Sep 02 (Wake up!)
26 Aug 02 (Flexing the ladder)
19 Aug 02 (Transsexualising devilish tinselling extraordinaire)
12 Aug 02 (Plastic flowers and socks)
05 Aug 02 (Distance is only a haul away)
29 Jul 02 (The Game fair Issue)
22 Jul 02 (Mosquitoes, Lapland and Luvvas)
15 Jul 02 (STA, Crocodile and Spanish Fly)
08 Jul 02 (CNL instructor and Bass)
01 Jul 02 (Holiday, tortuga and food for thought)
24 Jun 02 (Different Worlds, La Rioja and the Italian influence)
17 Jun 02 (Loomis, turtles and OLÉ)
10 Jun 02 (Casting for love :-))
03 Jun 02 (" Paul, we buried your car")
27 May 02 (Flyfishing for pike - " it's the duck's nuts")
20 May 02 (Kinky pants and Poppers)
13 May 02 (The great Berlin/Corrib race and Mario the Rapfen-King)
06 May 02 (7 days, zonker friday and Hechte Peter)
29 Apr 02 (The perfect strategy; run-flyfishing in Germany)
22 Apr 02 (Scotland by way of Wales)
15 Apr 02 (Life, death and flyfishing)
08 Apr 02 (Sea trout, Berlin, flycasting and sexyloops)
01 Apr 02 (Denmark, fly rods and bread)
25 Mar 02 (The season starts now)
18 Mar 02 (Life is a rainbow trout)
11 Mar 02 (It's time...)
04 Mar 02 (Who or what is the AAPGAI?)
25 Feb 02 (The bull is back)
18 Feb 02 (Socks)
11 Feb 02 (Sean and the six pound trout mission)
04 Feb 02 (Introducing the "Mouth Cast")
28 Jan 02 (Mugwai & Bullhead Association National Instructors Certificate)
21 Jan 02 (Underpant Coffee - the movie)
14 Jan 02 (Mugwai flyfishing opportunities in NZ)
07 Jan 02 (The one where I lose my hat but keep my head)
31 Dec 01 (Thanks! Mystery Lake - the sequel, why I'm a pro)
17 Dec 01 (Troutbum convent, Mystery Lake, chaos and a stick)
03 Dec 01 (Grounded in NZ, pretty women, smashed rod 2, wading deep)
16 Nov 01 (Customs find Fuller's Earth, saltwater fly, tackleshop)
29 Oct 01 (Mud festival, tackle assessment, saltwater)
12 Oct 01 (Chatsworth, DFR shock, Dirty Tackle, discussing women)
25 Sep 01 (Lessons, Japan flight, The Experience)
11 Sep 01 (Garfish, broken bones, fate, UK return)
10 Aug 01 (Success in salt, bulletin latest, the team)
18 Jul 01 (Saltwater fly in Noosa NP, smashed rod, coming soon)
22 Jun 01 (Berlin demo's, Australian return, airlines and grayling fishing)
01 Jun 01 (The BIG change, Berlin demo's, Australian return)
01 May 01 (UK visit, Chatsworth Fair, Wading belts)
01 Apr 01 (Psion meltdown, Chatsworth postponed, Vertical Winch Cast)
01 Mar 01 (Berlin, crocodiles and videos)
01 Feb 01 (Old women, fraud, fire-casting, beyond casting)
01 Jan 01 (Web site manager, family Xmas, single mothers up trees)
01 Dec 00 (Down-time, triathlon, Force9, mullet, surfboard-flyfishing, Xmas)
01 Nov 00 (Partnership, Bristol, Berlin, Noosa Triathlon, sex and flyfishing)
01 Oct 00 (babe-magnets, 4hr forest runs, bitch-trevally and the quest)
01 Sep 00 (Underwater-flyfishing, full moon techno rave beach party, UK full)
01 Aug 00 (demented fans, underwater-flyfishing... Illegal, moped madness)
01 Jul 00 (Thailand, tuk-tuk drivers and dive-sex)
01 Jun 00 (Australia, Chatsworth, Hollywood [London], Ardleigh)
01 May 00 (Owls, dinosaurs, check-in chicks and a dead fish)
01 Apr 00 (Travel, new season, Chatsworth)
01 Mar 00 (Noosa, boats and G-strings)
01 Feb 00 (DIY NZ, overhang, sexyloops partnership, sailing Lake Taupo)
01 Jan 00 (Mountain bike-flyfishing, Enormous trout! King of the Mountains)
01 Dec 99 (Service, Noosa Tri, Thief! Taupo, Xmas)
01 Nov 99 (Noosa holiday, Triathlon, Tackle shop)
01 Oct 99 (Holiday travels, business as usual, Ardleigh report)
01 Sep 99 (Gamefair breakdown! Lost rod tip! Sexy loops, Ardleigh report)
01 Aug 99 (Casting tips addition, Ardleigh report, muddlers)
01 Jul 99 (Improved web site, Ardleigh report, Paul's book plug)
01 Jun 99 (Ardleigh report, early starts, wading for suckers)
01 May 99 (Ardleigh report, triathlon)
01 Apr 99 (Back from abroad, boobies)
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