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The Sexyloops Mailshot is the best way of keeping up-to-date with site developments. This is a fast changing ezine and as such, during busy periods, content changes daily. The Mailshot keeps YOU informed of site changes as they happen.

ALSO you'll get special tackle deals, ground breaking news (well, perhaps this is an exaggeration, but IF I'm catching some big fish you'll certainly hear about it first), some general stuff about what I'm up to and where I'm doing it. It's a bit more personal than the rest of the site AND it's spontaneous. If you want to get the real feel for what goes on behind sexyloops then SUBSCRIBING is THE way to get this connection. AND IT'S FUN!

The newsletter USED to be a two or three times a year event. Now, however, sexyloops is a busy full-time commitment and the Mailshot reflects the site's new dynamism; it's shorter, more frequent and less formal - the last bit being hard to believe.

Originally subscribers received a friendly discount as a loyalty incentive, however the tackle shop is now run by sexyloops partners and now EVERYONE gets the best possible price. As a subscriber you do, however, get access to unique short-term tackle deals that come up from time to time.

I promise NOT to fill your mailbox up with dull reading. Nor will I pass on your email address to third parties. My life is full of excitement (definitely too much sometimes) and as such I can usually always find something interesting to write about. And if I can't I just won't bother; I'd much rather be fishing.

You can unsubscribe anytime you want, although why on earth you'd want to do this I can't imagine. I did suggest a few possible reasons in the early issues, one of which being if you had met a very attractive girl, who was also a vegetarian and had therefore given up fly fishing for something less exciting, like sex.

BUT since writing this I have met a very attractive girl of my own, who (not surprisingly) is also a vegetarian and I STILL fly fish... although perhaps not quite as often as I once did. NOW, however, sexyloops IS prevailing as SHE is in the process of learning to fly cast...

Mind you, so far I've had to give up red meat, chicken and dairy. Even so, this dramatic turn in my life (and specifically eating habits) has proved worthwhile in all sorts of ways...

So become a subscriber; it should prove entertaining if nothing else!

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