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Fly Casting and Fly Fishing, Instruction, Demonstrations, Consultations and
Secure Online Tackle Sales

Pupil: "O wise one, what makes your loops so great?"

Caster Master: "There is no one reason. There are three. Firstly they have form: at any point, a mere transient image of the complete structure, the whole structure being, of course, at one with itself. Secondly they are unique: image re-representation is completely void in as much as they can never be repeated - only mistakenly similarly interpreted..."

Pupil: "And the third?"

Caster Master: "They're damn sexy..."

99% bollocks, 2% inspiration; Welcome to Sexyloops ! - the only site to offer you more than the usual 100%.

....Bet you're pleased you dropped in!

Recent site developments:

  • May News (UK visit, Chatsworth Fair, Wading belts)

  • Paul is back in the UK :-(
    but not for long :-)

Not only does this site feature a comprehensive Fly casting tips section ( which I've been told is the best on the web ) which you must visit but also The Fly Casting Bulletin Board for some really great discussion and advice and if you're thinking of a holiday then visit DIY New Zealand for some independent travel advice. Click here for a complete listing of articles on this site and if that wasn't all!!

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