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Chasing Sea Torpedos with HotTorpedo

Monday, 12 April 2021

What a fantastic day I had on Saturday.
Me and one of the Saltwater Fly Fishing Forum member from Brisbane decided to chase some Tuna out of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. We were just cruising parallel to the shore- not far from it as you can see on the clip- between Moolooluba and Noosa.
I was perfectly equipped for that trip: inter line, 25lb fluocarbon leader, 4210 reel, and HotTorpedo 10wt.
Let me tell you that I am super happy to be a distance caster and that I spent time on practice.

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The Trout Anti-opener

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

April first, opening day of trout season in New York state can be somewhat of a big deal, especially in the Catskills with all the fishing history and traditions. Is it bigger than a Stones concert? Yeah no. Do the non-fishers even notice? Maybe. The local newspaper probably had a back page article about it that some glanced at as they flipped through the pages looking for information on baseball's opener. While out on errands they may have noticed a few guys standing in the river. Maybe not. If opening day falls on a weekday, it's a soft opening; Saturday draws the numbers, and then the non-fishers would notice a handful of cars lined up next to a well known pool for the traditional 'First Cast' where a politician or dignitary throws out the first fly as a bundled-up, coffee cup holding audience stands off to the side behind the local paper's camera crew. SLP is never mentioned.

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Crazy Times Again

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Usually I would be fly fishing for Sea trout in Sweden now. But no, the Covid situation again is completely out of control making it nearly impossible to well organize any hosted fly fishing trips within Europe.

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Half Arsed

Thursday, 15 April 2021

It's turning into another strange spring. I was looking forward to the end of the smallmouth spawn over the next week or so, I've some new streamers to test on the hungry post spawn fish. But that might not work out as planned after all.

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movie rivers and "reality tv"

Friday, 16 April 2021

I have been doing last fixing before snow is gone and reindeer are back in the wild. So it means driving with snowmobile and working on snow, I found some areas where we have about 1 meters snow still but it should be gone fast now when we have wind and almost +10 celsius, where sun can do it macig it was +18 celsius. I have noticed that when watching movies or tv anyhow, I do like to watch ”reality-tv” from Alaska etc. Anyway nature related programms.

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Opening Day

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Yesterday was the opening day on the Danish salmon rivers. It’s always a big day with a bi-zillion fishers out and a few really big ones have been caught, including a 124cm/19kg giant from Varde River. The rule of thumb when fishing salmon in Denmark is to fish deep, almost tickling the salmon on the nose with the fly. I know it’s possible to rise a salmon to a small fly and an intermediate line and I think it’s mainly fishing pressure keeping the fish down.

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Car Wash!

Sunday, 11 April 2021

I’m writing this having just got in from fishing, it feels good to write that after being locked down for so long. Tracy and I had a great day on the Welsh Dee despite an overnight frost and a bitterly cold wind suggesting that the fishing could be tough. To be honest, it was hard when we first arrived but things got going as the temperature climbed (albeit to only 7 degrees C) during the day.

During lockdown Tracy and I bought a car specifically for fishing as our other car is quite low and prone to grounding, plus it has very fat, low profile tyres that offer little in the way of grip on some of the muddy access roads. Actually not long ago I remember having to get some passing walkers to push me backwards off some level wet grass as my wheels span uselessly.

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Ronan's Report

20 Year Old Trout!

Over this season I’ve seen 2 trout that I had first seen many years before. Both from high country rivers where trout are known to get pretty old. I contacted my friend, Rasmus Gabrielson, to find out a bit about how old trout get. Rasmus reckons from some surveys done on one of the rivers […]

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