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April 26th, 2012

The Oreti, one of the world’s best trout rivers is under threat. There is a bicycle track to be built alongside the entire upper reaches of this truly magnificent river. This section of river has the largest average fish of any river I know. There is a real chance of catching 10lb plus brown on any day fishing on this stretch. I dont mention the names of waters in my blogs to protect the rivers and lakes I fish from overfishing and overcrowding but now I have to name this river to protect it. All the big fish in my last few blogs have been from the Oreti so please flick back through them to see the quality of the environment, the fish, the water, the entire angling experience. It will quickly become clear to you how important this river is for both its aesthetic beauty and as an angling resource. 3 bridges over the river are in the plans. I can’t understand how the NZ government is backing this. Whether you are here in NZ or in some other corner the world, us anglers need to pull together to stop this bicycle track destroying this spectacular valley. To repeat myself, the Oreti is one of the world’s best brown trout rivers. Fact. Please email the Editor at southland times. Letters@stl.co.nz to voice your opinion and if you’re a Kiwi then please contact your local MP. The hearing is on the 30th of april and the 1st of May at the Workermans club in Invercargill. ┬áCheck out http://www.southlanddc.govt.nz/news-events/SearchForm?Search=Cycle&action_results=Go for more information. See you at the hearing.


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