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Big Brown Trout Week – Lough Corrib

May 27th, 2011

A series of laptop breakdowns and fatigue from weeks of hard fishing prevented me from putting a blog up lately. Most of my fishing was on Corrib but I also had a couple of days on Mask and Carra (more on those next week!). There were some great hatches of mayfly this year and at certain times there were decent numbers of fish feeding on them providing some great dry fly action. Being on the water most days and concentrating on specific areas allowed me to learn the feeding habits of the trout in those spots. It paid to have 2 rods set up; one with drys and one with wets because the periods of surface activity were always brief. Thankfully though these happened a few times on most of my days on the water. Hesitating for even a couple of minutes to change to the dry fly rod could (and did) result in missed opportunities. The wets accounted for many fish during the times when fish were not visible on the top… as they should! The best thing about this Mayfly was the average size of the trout and how willing they were to take a well presented dryfly when covered. I had more fish between 3 and 4lbs than fish from 1 to 2lbs and that’s something I never expected to be able to say about Irish wild trout fishing!

Here are the highlights from Corrib.. I believe they speak for themselves!





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