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Big Pike weekend!

April 21st, 2011

I’m learning more and more about Corrib pike and about pike fishing in general. I’ve been disillusioned with irish fly fishing for the last few years and thats because i concentrated too much on trout fishing. Most of that was on corrib which is the most challenging water i have ever fished for trout. It’s dam near impossible at times and therefor just not fun. Pike fishing is fun. The anticipation of counting down a Di 7 into the depths before a steady retrieve back to the boat, or gurgling a surface lure across some lilly pads really keeps me focused. Chances will come and the takes are fan fuckin tastic… These magnificent fish have been getting stronger and stronger all season and now they’re ripping line off the reel. I had to start the engine to follow one on Saturday, she was my best pike so far and bent the net. Its definatly time to get a new one now! That fish was more than twice as long as the mouth of my old one! “Lesson to be repeated until learned!” as Graeme Williams would say.

More piking this weekend.. Happy Easter!











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