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Spring is in the air!

March 6th, 2011

I arrived at Corrib on Saturday morning to find it like a sheet of glass. My plan was to target trout since the season is open again but with bright sunshine and not a breath of wind to push the boat along there was not much point. I set up a rod for trout anyway in case the conditions changed but first i went after pike along the reeds in front of Ardnasillagh Lodge where i rented the boat. I had 3 pike within half an hour all 4-5lbs and then things went quiet. At 2pm I left the bay and ventured out into the lake to inchagill hoping for a breeze to get up by the time I got there. It didn’t! This time of year on Corrib a little wind is essential so I went back to where I started in pursuit of pike and boated one more of about  6 or 7lbs in the evening. It was a great moment, The pike cruised towards the fly from the side with his fins out of the water like a shark, he bumped the fly first so i paused, Then a slow strip away and he nailed it! I enjoy fishing with friends but sometimes it’s great to be on the water alone. I think it gives you a more genuine appreciation of nature and your surroundings. One disadvantage however is trying to photograph fish with the 10 second timer! You have one chance then the fish goes back whether or not you got the fish in the frame. It was great to get a few fish finally. No big fish yet but persistence pays off, or so they say!

I stayed at johns on Saturday night and tied up a few flies for Sunday. We fished out of Maam again and i can safely say there are still dam all pike in this part of the lake. I hoped that in the 3 weeks since we last fished it some fish would have moved in but we haden’t as much as a pull all day. I’ll try it again in a few weeks…

Spring is well and truly in the air and it feels fantastic!

Tight lines All…    Ronan..

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