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Spanish visit

September 18th, 2011 No comments

Bit of a brief flying visit to catch up and fish with Carlos and George near Pamplona and then Aitor and Alejandro in Asturias. Followed by a trip to Reading to try the new ONEs.

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From Spain!

June 28th, 2009 No comments

This entry is coming from one of my favourite places: Spain! I’ve been here for a few days, on Friday I gave a stillwater fishing and casting course in Burgos, which was fun and really interesting to give a course based around stillwater fishing – sort of where I came in on when I started teaching. Good guys, some superb anglers including the number one competition angler in Spain. Thanks to Fernandos, Pepe and of course Carlos for helping organise this event. I’ll talk more about this on Wednesday’s FP when I cover for Matt.

Today Carlos and I initially started fishing for some trout in a local stream, however Carlos had to quit because he was too warm in his waders and so we went to another water. We’ll call it Mystery River X, not necessarily because it’s a mystery, but because Carlos didn’t tell me its name (he may have forgotten it). It was once a great trout fishery, many years ago. It’s not really a trout fishery any longer however. Now it’s a carp and barbel fishery. And I like carp and barbel – in fact I love carp and barbel. I’ve only caught maybe half a dozen barbel on fly – in my life – and around 100 carp. So it’s all pretty new to me.

Nice to get into some fish. I started trying to nymph them with a bunch of different pattens, from scuds to shrimps – nada de nada. I flung some dries at them – also nada. Then I chucked out a streamer. First cast a follow from a carp, second cast hooked into a good barbel (I didn’t even know barbel took streamers!). I lost that fish eventually but that’s partly because I was messing around with my camera.

Later I took a cruising barbel under my rod tip – on the streamer – and then three carp in quick succession in a quiet backwater – also on the streamer (using Christian Kuchelmeister’s streamers from the EFTTEX) . These carp had to be teased and two took the streamer while speeding up and the third on a pause (I’d run out of room). Fantastic! Carp AND barbel on fly blow me away: sight fishing, it’s not easy, the follows, the takes and of course the fights! Both species fight hard! So much so that I fell in. Gotta blame someone and Carlos was upstream.

Tomorrow we fish with Paco. More soon…

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