Tom Rowland, Gary Coxon, Bruce Richards, Brad Wesner, Barry and Cathy Beck

The Discovery

Welcome to Sexyloops in The Salt.

This section is very different from the rest of Sexyloops. Here *I* am the beginner. And, as will become perfectly clear, at the time of writing this intro, I am a crass, although enthusiastic, saltwater flyfisher who really is pretty much clueless when it comes to anything involving salt.

Which of course is perfect for Sexyloops.

And I'm also homeless. I like being homeless and have made a conscious decision to remain so. This is my freedom to come and go as I choose. And oh, how good that tastes. Unfortunately, however, it doesn't catch me many saltwater fish. Allow me to explain.

In order to become competent in any area of flyfishing one thing is essential: confidence. Without it you will catch nothing. So the trick is in acquiring confidence. Confidence comes from previous successes, knowledge and understanding. In the salt I have none of these. I have fished across much of the globe ­ this is true, but in a completely random and reckless way.

I can do this with trout fishing and get away with it; indeed I do so all the time and it works very well. It works because I have confidence. I've been catching trout out of rivers and lakes for over twenty years; it's just about all I have been doing for those twenty years. I understand the whys, the how's and the wherefores. I have a feeling for it, it's my passion and most importantly I have established foundations

I grew up trout fishing. I have fished with many excellent anglers from whom I learned and, critically, I fished in one or two places for many years and thoroughly got to understand those waters and learned the secrets that only time reveals. I then simply transported this knowledge base to other waters and continued learning.

I don't have that base in saltwater fly. But I do have a solution...

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