Tom Rowland, Gary Coxon, Bruce Richards, Brad Wesner, Barry and Cathy Beck

How is all this going to work then?

Quite frankly we have no idea. We don't plan things here at Sexyloops; we just sort of let them happen.

What might happen is this:

I'll endeavour to go fishing the salt as much as possible. If my past record is anything to go by, I'll probably catch nothing (which of course reflects badly on The Panel ­ not me: remember that; it's a very important point) but this will of course raise some interesting questions. I have lots of questions - believe me.

Paul showing off one of his catchesOccasionally I may manage to catch something - through some act of personal brilliance (hey, I've done some guiding before; I know how this thing works) ­ and this always raises questions... such as "why?"

These questions I'll email to The Panel (and Emma).

Now look these guys don't work for me, they have kindly offered to help me; they have a life and commitments of their own. They won't always be able to answer and besides I'm going to be selective and edit them -"shhh" :-)

So what we may end up with is something like this: " my saltwater discovery " ­ a frank and honest portrayal, including the stuff about how I managed to leave my saltwater reel on the backseat of the car in Australia, just before flying to New Zealand in order to start this thing ­ linked heavily into the expert tips, advice and answers from The Panel.

Of course this doesn't sound particularly chaotic. Fortunately, however, this is Sexyloops and chaos is always just around the corner. Clearly some more activity is required and that activity will happen on the Bulletin Board. I have had offers of advice from saltwater flyfishers most notably from Denmark, Spain, NZ and the UK. This will be fun.

Welcome to the Discovery.

In the beginning...