Tom Rowland, Gary Coxon, Bruce Richards, Brad Wesner, Barry and Cathy Beck

The Panel

The Panel is the Sexyloops team of saltwater flyfishing experts and the main spearhead behind Saltwater Discovery. I may know nothing about Saltwater Fly, but these guys live it, are experts ­ no hang on, let me get this right... Gods ­ and have kindly offered to help me out. Let me introduce them...

GaryFirst up is Gary Coxon. Gary is from the UK and one of the best flycasters I know; a fellow AAPGAI member, we demonstrate the Chatsworth Angling Fair together. He is the man responsible for Sage sales in the UK and annually spends one week fishing with BigPaul in Scotland. Gary is a huge saltwater flyfisher and has fished the world over. Of course it goes without saying that he doesn't have an email address but fortunately Emma, his flyfishing-flytying daughter, does and so all communications will go through her. Of course this is far more preferable anyway :-)

BruceNext member of the team is Bruce Richards. Bruce's technical title is "Product Development Engineer" for 3M and he spends all of his working time either designing Scientific Anglers flylines or else answering my questions with regards to casting them. Bruce clearly demonstrates his wealth of knowledge in "The Great Flyline Debate". The only man in history to write a book purely on flylines, he is an avid saltwater flyfisher and flycasting instructor. When he's not working he sticks a pack on his back and goes hiking... now who does that sound like?

Cathy and BarryAnd we have "The Becks". Barry and Cathy Beck certainly need no introduction to anyone in the US. These guys have done everything. Members of Team Sage, both are vastly experienced and talented writers, flyfishers and photographers. They appear to spend all of their time travelling, whether they have a home I can't say, but they do indeed have a Land Rover. Inspired by mine a few years ago, Barry has now procured a small fleet of them - sorry Cathy, but it wasn't my fault..!

TomThen there's Captain Tom Rowland. Tom is generally regarded as the top guide in the Florida Keys. He consults for Rio and Scott and is a superb caster in his own right. Completely professional and guiding over 300 days per year, Tom really knows his stuff. I was looking for that hard edge of guiding to give balance to the Saltwater Discovery and Tom more than fits this bill. His email signature is "FISH EVERYWHERE" which I do of course and so that's a great help. Thanks Tom :-) This is Tom's site.

BradAnd then we have Bradley Wesner. As you are probably aware, I'm a bit of a troutbum and so any panel of mine has to have this element. Brad, or "MadBrad" as we here at Sexyloops have dubbed him, provides this perspective. Brad started emailing me with advice while I was flyfishing Australia and surprisingly (for me) that advice worked. He then sent me some flies; and those flies worked too! MadBrad writes like his pen is on fire and completes "The Panel".

Paul :-)Just between you and me, as impressive as this line up is, my betting is that not one of them has been underwater-flyfishing. To my knowledge this is still very much a Sexyloops exclusive...

How does all this work then?