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October 1999

That's it! It's all over for another hectic year! For some inexplicable reason I have been busy right up to the very end. And just as well, because it was a bit quiet in the middle. Now I'm off for a month's holiday in Australia, then there's three months holiday in New Zealand to be had and then it back to Oz for some more holiday. You can't get too much of this holiday thing, I highly recommend it as something most worthwhile doing. Sure it's got it's critics, I know, but all said and done, it sure beats working for a living.

Why not join me?

See it was a plug. Next year I'm going to host some guided trips out to New Zealand and Australia, using expert local knowledge and high quality accommodation. I'll keep you posted as to how the package evolves.

On-line Tackle Shop

A surprising number of people have been asking me how I am going to service tackle shop orders through the winter. Well, pretty much the same way that I have been operating up to now. Email's a wonderful thing that can be accessed all over the world.

Apart from very rare occasions, I will be retrieving my email daily (often twice daily). So your Xmas order's safe with me then.

My new merchant account is now fully operational. It has been pointed out to me that, if instead of manually accepting credit cards, I was to use an automated shopping card I could spend more time lying on the beach and less time on the net (generally by shopping cart pushers). And it was a tempting scenario, I think you'll agree. But I believe in personal service, so no cart here.

Naturally while lying on the beach (for reduced time) news reports and email advice will continue on as normal.

20% off Redington FSF Series

Due to Redington changing all their blanks from Lamiglass to Composite Developments (am I allowed to say this? Dunno) all the current rods have become obsolete. While stocks lastall FSF series have been discounted by 20% to clear.

They are going fast. The Scots have already bought all the 10ft #8 weights, because everyone knows those small brownies up there can be real mean sons-of-bitches.

Email me your requirements.

And to answer one very important point: The Immediate Replacement Guarantee? Break one of the old FSF's and you'll be replaced with one of the newer models. No quibble.

Ardleigh Report

Finally it's happened. Ardleigh fished well. I said it would, didn't I?

I can't remember ever seeing so many crane flies (daddy-long-legs) before, it's the wet..They're all over the place. I live besides a field and I sometimes wander over there when it's not raining, Stuffed with crane flies. Can't move for tripping over them. I have a kitchen, dozens of them in there too. Even Ardleigh Reservoir, a place notorious for it's lack of insect life, is inundated with them. These are exciting times we live in.

Of course the fish aren't eating them.

Great sport was had across the central basin on muddlers and wets. There are many good conditioned fish showing (and taking). Expect good fishing to be had all through next month as well.

I don't have a book plug for October. Phew there's a surprise.

The Sexyloops Newsletter

Many of you have submitted to my email newsletter. Issue 1 - The September 'welcome to the end of season' issue, has been written, emailed, read, commented on (most favourably, I might add, but I would) and if you want your (late) copy then hit this button:-

Apparently there has been the odd problem regarding the compatability of this submit button and various browsers. All it should do is send me a blank email entitled 'free newsletter'. So if you're having problems, just email me.

Subscribers get entertainment, insight, the education experience, special offers and 10% extra product free. Newsletters get delivered 3 or 4 times per year. Privicy is paramount and you can unsubscribe any time you want. Convinced yet?

Scott Shock Price Increase

Scott have increased all their prices by as much as up to 30% ! I'm told that this is due to a buy-out. So now those favourites of mine, the Tacticals, are considerably more expensive. Sorry!

Saltwater Thoughts

I was asked to write an advertorial last year offering advice on saltwater tackle selection. I discovered it again while clearing out my shed (as you do) and with a few alterations I have added it to this site.

Saltwater Tackle Thoughts

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