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Newsletter 29/10/01

So another busy time in the UK nears to a conclusion. My trips over to the UK are always a bit of a whirlwind and this time was no exception. I'm still going to be around for a couple more weeks, and then I'm looking forward to a great summer of fly fishing in NZ. I'm starting to get itchy feet again, and Karen telling me that it's 32 degrees in Noosa, a beautiful day, and she's off to the beach BTW, hasn't helped.

Mind you it was certainly warmer than expected, if a little wetter. The cottage in which I was staying was flooded (of course). Unfortunately this was timed when I was still in the North of England, otherwise Pic of the Day would be a shot of me carefully wading the lounge, casting into likely looking spots.

But I was having a more exciting time…

Chatsworth Angling Fair

Was unusually muddy this year. In the past we have experienced the Chatsworth mud and I am particularly familiar with the stuff. This year however it was somewhat muddier. Of course sensible people wore wellies. I, on the other hand, tend not to wear shoes very often and driftingconsequently only own one pair (for dancing, funerals and getting into posh restaurants – not that I eat out very often).

As I said to Steve when he told me that he was off to practice his flycasting with his wellies on, 'how do you expect to feel anything with condoms on your feet?'

Attendance was pretty damn good considering the weather and the time of year. My demo's seemed to go OK. No one molested me afterwards, which is always a good sign, I think (although I was hoping that the girls from Angling Times would try, but they were nowhere to be seen this year).

Big Paul from Kate Flemings (we call him Big Paul (a) to differentiate him from me and (b) because he is 8 feet tall) came down to watch the show and hang around for a few days. So, of course, we went out the Saturday night and didn't get back to 5.30 a.m. Stumbling around in the dark, we managed to flash the lights on in Gary Coxon's room and wake him up. The switch was outside the door. We only found this out afterwards when he told us. What a shame that we hadn't known this sooner. Still there is always next year.

I really enjoy this show and it is one well worth attending. Next year it is back on at the usual time of year in mid May, assuming that we have an environment left that is.

Tackle and Guns Trade Show

Was next on the 'to-do' list. BP and I were particularly keen to try out some new product. So we did. We have tried out the new Sage rods, the Vision rods and all the Redington rods. Task of the next fortnight for Steve and myself, is to finally sort out the tackleshop. Now that we finally know exactly what product we will be running we can really get to grips with this.

And then we will have completed the consolidation process of the last 4 weeks.

New sections!

Yes, I am about to launch some new sections into Sexyloops. The one that is really capturing people's imagination at the moment is the long awaited Saltwater Section. The basis behind this is that it tracks my progress from crap saltwater angler (this is technical fishing talk you understand) to competent saltwater angler (my, this is going to be interesting).

To help me I am bringing in a bunch of experts. It's a sort of 'panel of sexyloops advisors.' Now these guys know their stuff. If I can't catch fish under their guidance then there is something seriously amiss in this world, and I'll obviously never learn the damn thing.

Now I know that saltwater flyfishing is generally equated with warm sunny climates, topless sunbathing and martinis. So I'm heading to Invercargill in New Zealand. I'm told that this is the place to be :-)

Regular updates

The front page is now changing six days per week. Pic of the Day is changing three times per week, and I'm hoping to bring this newsletter out every week (don't think I'll manage that one… yet). So as you can see I have got the publishing bit firmly between my teeth. And I'm not letting go :-)


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