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Newsletter 16/11/01

So I'm back once again in Australia. This time it's going to be a short trip; soon I'll be in New Zealand. I'm reliably informed that it's almost warm enough to go there now. I have a heap of fishing planned, both saltwater and trout. Unfortunately I've lost my Fuller's Earth.

Actually to be more precise, it was seized.

Australian Customs

It's rather strange; every single time I go through customs they sort my through my luggage for me. And I don't just mean that they have a peak around either. Nope, they go through the lot. Turning socks inside out, unfolding all my clothes and carefully examining my toothpaste tube.

It must be something to do with the number of stamps I have in my passport; no one can like Australia that much. I must be trafficking something interesting.

In my ignorance I thought they were looking for Jungle Cock feathers, or drugs, but no, it transpires that all this time they've been looking for Fuller's Earth.

I tried explaining that flyfishers, such as myself, mix Fuller's Earth with washing-up liquid into a gooey paste and slide it down the leader to (a) make it sink and (b) take away some of the shine. I showed them a small film canister with some ready made up. So they seized that as well :-)

Of course if you don't want this sort of attention I'd recommend buying some Loon Snake River Mud. It's available in the Sexyloops Tackleshop.

Speaking of which:

The Sexyloops Tackleshop

It's filling up fast. You'll find all sorts of new products in there. Everything in the shop has been assessed and I'm currently writing out the reviews. For example, very shortly, you'll learn just what I think of the new Sage rods.

There is also quite a lot new gear available and we are extending the range of product you can find in the shop. This has taken longer than originally planned doesn't everything?

You'll also find that we have changed the entry page and the look; it's that little bit sexier :-)

Remember that within mainland UK we pay for the postage (isn't that nice?!)

Saltwater Fly

So anyway, I'm saltwater flyfishing around Noosa once again. This time I'm actually catching the odd fish. Shortly I'm going to launch a saltwater section full of illustrious names; saltwater guru's who are prepared to offer me advice.

I was fishing the daytime. But now I'm fishing evenings and sometimes mornings too. This is obviously one of the answers as I am getting takes.

I'm also experimenting with the leader thing, the fly thing, and the chuck-and-duck thing. This saltwater fly sure is exciting.

One thing that always surprises me is just how hard these fish fight. A couple of evenings ago I returned a small trevally of about a pound and a half, and it was one tough, mean fighter. A few years ago I had one of about seven pounds. It was by far the most aggressive fish I have had. I'm looking forward to catching a few more of these.

Anyway I am starting to acquire some saltwater confidence. So I'm getting there!

Flycasting Moves

I've had a few technical flycasting questions that I have replied to using MPEGs.

I answered one particular question (on the use of the wrist movement) included the use of three movies. If you are interested in improving your casting, then I certainly recommend having a good sift through these movies.

We'll be doing more exciting things with these MPEGs shortly.


Thanks to all of you who booked me for flycasting lessons while I was in the UK.

Best wishes

last light... trevally time!

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