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March 2001

Well, last month may well have been a short one, but it sure was full of incident. Frankly I think January was a much better month and I'd like to forget all about February as soon as possible. As unreliable as this fishing thing is, and it is unreliable believe me, I know; it has nothing on women. Especially the women in my life. Actually (reflective moment here), perhaps it's me and not them, but still, at heart, I'm a flyfisher and so I'll blame everyone and anything but myself. I've been chasing fish a lot longer than I've been chasing girls, and so this shifting of the blame comes instinctively.

Which brings me back to Berlin. Interestingly.


Nice place - or so I'm told. Nice girls - this I know. And, for a while there, it looked like I was going to actually move to Berlin and live with one. But my life being what it is, this is now not going to happen. However, I have now made contacts in this fine city and I have been asked to do a bit of teaching, drinking and, unusually, dancing.

The picture at the the bottom of this page is of Christopher Rownes, who is a certified flycasting instructor of the FFF America, and actually the picture says it all. This guy knows how to get his picture taken (women up trees?). And together we have put a course together.

This is definitely going to be fun. Because although Christopher speaks fluent German, I don't. There are actually going to be two courses. The first is on the 9th and 10th of June and the second is on the 16th and 17th of June. Each course will cater to ten students and costs 350 DM each.

For bookings please contact:

Angelsport Eggers
Tel. 030/ 8812593. Fax 030/ 8817901
Joachimstaler str 21
10719 Berlin

Or email

I'm looking forward to it, and hope to see some of you there.

Crocodiles and mosquitoes

OK, what's this about then? Well this chap, Dan Siegel, of asked me if I'd like to try some samples of crocodile while fishing. 'OK, what's this?', thought I. Insect repellant.

Curiously this was written to me just at a time when I was getting bitten a lot while sitting in a girlfriends garden. Now I have a thing about insect repellant; especially when they strip flylines.

'Does it strip flylines?', I asked.


'You sure?'.


OK, so I took a tub and covered a large section of floating line with the contents and left well alone while I went and did a spot of beach-laying. Hard work this sexyloops stuff, I can tell you. And the man was right. In fact not only was the line undamaged, but I think that it may even have been a bit more slippery. So this is a novelty, an insect repellant which is good for your flyline.

It's also good to the environment and does stop you getting bitten in your girlfriends garden. Well the mozzies stop biting anyway...

Missing news

For some reason not everyone got to see last months news. Don't know why, but there it is.

Video plans

My goodness, this month has seen me with some complex questions on casting. The great thing that this site gives me is a major flycasting headache from time to time. There I'll be, working through my emails one minute; then all of a sudden, I'll leap up, nip out to the car, whip out the flyrod and start casting up and down the street like some madman possessed.

You know, there's a hell of a lot of flycasting theory which is complete rubbish. This summer I'm going to get together with Nick Hart (West Country - remember? That's where I'm going to be living. Teaching in Exford and Bristol) and unbeknown to him, we'll be getting the video camera out and doing some close up filming of the rod tip.

Visa extension

Due to the extremely complicated nature of the sexyloops business I find myself literally forced to extend my Australian visa and hang around for another couple of months. Damn.

This is a great picture which falls just a bit short of being perfect because of the difficulty of photographing the subject matter!

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