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January 2001

The website is back and it's fully functional, apart, that is, from a few minor hiccups in the way of orderform incompatibility and the missing link (I go for the aquatic theory as it suits my temperament).

The speed of the recovery of this site has been very much due to the hard work and dedication of my website manager. I am extremely grateful to Steve for all his efforts. If it wasn't for him I'd still have only half the site back up.


I had to come back to Australia to sort it out. To be honest it is nice to be back in Australia, even if unexpected. It's much hotter and more humid than when I left. How this will affect the fishing I can't say, but I'm hoping it will improve things. Considerably.


This year I decided to go for the family Xmas, as I haven't had one of these for about eight years. So to this end I found a single mother with two kids. Haven't done THIS before. Rather interesting actually. Went and visited her parents. Haven't done THIS before either.

There is a hell of a lot I can say about this, but I'm sure to offend everyone so I'll keep it to myself.

Actually I won't keep it to myself. I was going to, but I have been misunderstood. Much to my amazement several alarmed people emailed me to say 'had I lost my mind?' and 'don't do it!' and 'I thought you didn't want kids'. Obviously some of my friends really don't know me at all.

I am not about to bring up someone else's kids - this is true. I don't even want children of my own let alone someone else's. If ever I feel that I actually want some of my own (incredible it is true, but on occasion I have been subject to these mad fits) 'borrowing' someone else's always puts this to rights.

Of course, in general it is unnecessary to actually move in with them, often standing next to one in a supermarket queue for a minute or two, is more than enough to convince any sane man as to the value of contraception.

And then there's the relationship question. Most men don't want relationships. Sex; yes, lot's of it, but relationships; no thanks. A girlfriend asked me quite recently if I'd 'rather have a relationship with her, or go fishing every day, travel all the time and fuck a different woman every night?', this being a rhetorical question, supposedly in her favour I guess.

Most single mothers are fiercely independent and not looking for another man. This is good if you're a non-relationship kind of guy like me. How many 30 year old chicks who are single can you say this about? Most of the single 30 year old chicks I know are desperate for a relationship and kids. And therefore far more dangerous to my independence.

Not only this but single mothers are often overlooked ('too much baggage') and yet can be the pick of the bunch (they actually had boyfriends when they were young and so must have been good looking) but best of all many single mothers are in desperate need of sexual fulfilment; I know, I've recently been talking to some of them. It's a big market out there folks and some of them even like flyfishermen.

Website Manager

You will no doubt have noticed a few interesting things with regards to the site. The site has a more consistent look and feel to it. There are some clever new codes appearing in the way of CSS and Javascript. This is NOT a result of me boning up on new code or getting smart in any way. Actually it's got nothing to do with me whatsoever.

It's all thanks to a web-designer friend in Switzerland. Basically I have taken on a website manager for this site. The guy is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, slightly mad and fishes. What else could sexyloops ask for (apart from a pom-pom girl splash page)?

Steve has taken this site to pieces and rebuilt it. I'm impressed. Hope you are too. And not only THIS, but there is a new version in the wings as well. It's a very exciting time. Hope you can handle it!

One thing he has been doing is hassling me the last few months for photo's. Apparently he needs casting shots.

Casting Shots

As anyone who's tried it will readily testify getting good casting shots is extremely troubling. Out of two rolls of film it is quite possible for there to be not one usable shot.

Assuming that your photographer can actually see the loop - believe me some can't - then you have to get into a situation where the line will stand out against the background, this often involves putting yourself somewhere low in the river or, more entertainingly, the photographer up the nearest tree.

I don't know if you've ever sent a woman up a tree with (or, for that matter, without) a camera, but let me tell you that it is an event every man should try at least once in his life. Best of all if you're particularly fed up with her, you can just leave her up there (ask her to drop down the camera first).


As well as photo's I'm being hassled for newsletters. Much to my total astonishment, while surfing through my site for broken links, I happened upon something I had said or rather hadn't said, but appeared to have done so. In the newsletter section it says that I'll be doing monthly newsletters now, and this due to popular demand.

Thanks Steve.

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New Year

Hope you have a good New Year. I'm going to a loose myself in a party for a couple of days. See you when I get back...


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