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April 2000

So I'm back on the road again, travelling. I genuinely haven't been travelling for about a year. Sure, I've been 'abroad', but nowhere new.

So why am I doing this now, especially since the season is just starting in UK? Basically why the hell am I not in he UK? What about all those guys who want to learn to cast?

Well I met a woman, so as ever, this explains everything. And she has a 4-WD. Now not being one to miss an opportunity, I have decided to join her on her Aussi trip. I mean it's not safe for a young attractive single girl to travel through Australia on her own. The outback can be dangerous place. There are lots of strange guys around with dis-honorable intentions. Believe me, I know. So I will protect her. I feel it's my duty. I'm sure you'd do the same if you met her on the beach!

So how the hell do I run a business on the road? How come I answer all my emails within 24hrs, and usually within 12?

Well, interesting question. Amazing stuff this modern technology. I have a palmtop computer and mobile phone, and so long as I can make a phone call I can send a email. Or update my site. So if you have sent me an email and not had a reply, assuming it's not spam, then please resend it. I answer every email.

There have been the odd server problems. Some emails are arriving two weeks after being send. Occasionally some are bounced. It's rare, and I'm looking into alternative ISP's, but if you think that you've been ignored then please email me again!

I'll be back in the UK on the 26th April at the latest. Here's a date for your diary; 6th and 7th May - The Chatsworth Angling Fair. I'll be there as I have a heavy involvement with the demonstrations. One half hour slot on each day here I'll talk about Sexyloops! As well as the knee-deep demonstration with Charles Jardine, where we get wet, and this year the friendly coarse vs fly competition where us fly-men get seriously outfished by coarse-guys. Hope to see you there.

After the Chatsworth I have a few casting commitments. But then I'm seriously considering travelling to Thailand, learning how to dive, and inventing underwater-flyfishing. In fact it seems such an obvious thing to do, I can't believe no-one's done this yet. Watch this space.

Now I know that the majority of my visitors (of which there are currently up to 400 per day) are not UK based. But most of the guys who buy from me are. So here is some start-of-season stillwater fishing advice, taken as ever from my book. You can of course buy a copy of this book through this website. Just visit the book section, it costs 5 and is an absolute bargain. And if you spend more than 50 on any tackle purchase from this site, I'll even send you a copy free! And free is always a good price. Just think, free post, free book, free advice, free 10% extra to subscribers, Agghh! It's absolutely insane, how can this guy afford to live??!!

So, start of season advice...


The month of April is in many angling circles believed to be one of the easiest months. I have never found this to be the case. Although the fish tend to be somewhat naive in their feeding habits this is of little help since they happen to feed very little at this time of year. This is due to the cold water temperatures and it is not really until the end of the month (at least) before things really start to heat up (literally and metaphorically). When the fish do happen to feed, it is generally at a depth where we can't actually see them, which doesn't help much either. I think April has it's easy reputation due to the fact that when the fish are in the mood they are not particularly choosy about which fly you have on, and also the fact that persistance during this month actually seems to pay off.

Easy or otherwise, the first thing we have to do is to find the fish. In order to do this it helps to understand a little of the properties of lakes and the water in them. Water is densest (heaviest) at 4C. Ice, as we know, is formed at 0C. So, what this all means is that in the winter when the water temperature drops below 4C it starts to float on the heavier water beneath so that when it freezes solid at 0C, the heavier water underneath stays at a nice 4C. This is why lakes rarely freeze all the way through and fish can swim happily underneath the ice. Incidently this is one reason why some people argue for the existence of god(s). But I don't buy it.

Anyway, I am getting diverted from the real issue, which in this case, is that in the early part of the season the water temperature near the bottom of the lake is around 4C and the wind which is usually somewhat warmer than the water, is blowing onto the water, giving it some warmth and blowing all that warm water downwind. And this is where the fish are. Usually.

The fish are warmer here (remember they are cold-blooded things) and are more likely to be active and possibly feeding to some extent. Especially during the late morning through to early evening. So all we have to do is go to the bank which the wind is blowing towards and fish into the wind. It helps if the wind has been blowing in the same direction for a good few days.

So there you go. Of course I do go into specific tactics in my book, but you'll just have to buy a copy if you want this advice!

I have some new stuff this month (finally). There's heaps in the pipeline. Working on, Sexyloops Newsletter 3 (quick, quick, subscribe today!), comprehensive flytying materials section (yeah, yeah, he said this last month), got some new stuff for NZ section, a very interesting Noosa Bass section, some secret stuff (!), and coming soon The Almighty Links Section!!

Anyway what is actually new is Sexy Rod. An article appearing this month in Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine (yes, you can subscribe to FFFT through this site!), hope you enjoy it!

Lastly, are you in the market for a 4WD? Perhaps you're looking for one in Australia? If so I know where you can get one! Available in Sydney at the end of May. Fully equiped for bush travel, with a cunning built in bed unit in the back, Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon a snip at only AUD $15,600. Let me know!

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