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13/10/03 - Welcome to Sexyloops

it's all about to happenThis is the first Newsletter in three weeks, yeah, basically I'm stuffed. I recognise that, and I don't mind it. Hell it's good to be stuffed sometimes. So it's not an excuse; it's an explanation. The summer's caught up with me. When your life revolves around something, like Sexyloops say, everything you do, every thought you have, every moment you live, relates in some way to that thing.

For instance, let's say you're in a nightclub and someone comes up to you and says “you're freaking me out man”, in a normal course of events you'd punch him, or ignore him, or tell him to bugger off, but in the Sexyloops world, instantly you think “hey maybe that's why trout take one of Sean's flies, and stone me, I'll write about that tomorrow”. So in your mind there's never a break.

Normally that's fine, hey I've been doing this for long enough now to know what to expect. The gears jumped at the start of the season when Steve disappeared to do Steve stuff, which was cool, only I ended up with another 20 or 30 hours weekly work. never think the same thing twiceDoes anyone actually realise how much work is Sexyloops? I know Sean does cos he does it sometimes. Some weeks I can be on a computer for 10 hours a day, seven days, then there's casting, fishing, eating, hell I live on about four to four and a half hours sleep and I skip one night, but WTF I'd rather explode than burn. In fact given the choice I'll take dynamite.

I came to the realisation (sometime last week) that if I don't step back and come in from another angle then I'm going to have a problem. You can't keep burning the candle at both ends, especially when you've just asked for explosive. So I'm going to step up a gear.

just another spaceThe best thing in life is the knocks. How are you going to test yourself if you never try swimming? Throw me in at the deep end.

Sean said that.

So I'm back in the hunt. The weekend after next I'll be casting at the British Flyfair. I've been looking forward to this for some time. These Flyfairs are great. This may be my last demo in Europe for a while. Next summer I'll be in the US. I've been preparing to make a move to the US for a while, and the time is right. It's about time they learnt about Sexyloops.

entering the vorTexIt's a strange thing, actually, I used to do quite a few demo's in the UK, but in the last couple of years just about all my work has been in Germany/Spain/Holland/Denmark. Must be the language. Or the women.

I've going to keep this sweet because tomorrow I drive from here (points to Pamplona) to here (points to somewhere in the middle of Germany – can't remember where exactly). And it's a long drive.

AliceI think I'll keep running old PoDs this week until I've caught up with myself. It's all part of the Plan of course…

This week there's a great article from Roy Christie, there's a movie, there's a Viking Tip (assuming I can figure out what Lars actually meant with his last one ;). There may be a Fishmail, if Sean has recovered from catching ze barbels (yeah right, I've tried Barbel fishing, Sean, and no one goes to France chasing Barbels). And I still have about 20 Spanish translations to upload :)

Welcome to Sexyloops.


Essential Bush Skills

The start of any flytying good flytying sequence involves squirting The Light of Apgai on your polyprops
Both alarm and curiousity set in when the polyprops start melting
Putting the lid back on the jar to stop *that* happening again
The flytying proper is underway
Notice the composure, that's true class that is
A difficult bit, you can tell that from the vacant expression
Essential bush skills: the third hand
Notice my hat here, it's quite daring
Snip, snip
I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here, but it's cool
Trimming an oversize hackle that appears to have become trapped in the whip finnish manoevre
Delicate precision work, the hallmark of any good flytyer
Sheep make good flies too

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