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Steve on Sexyloops

This is an private email I received from Steve on 2nd Jan. I have his permission to make use of it. I think it may help explain some things :-)

"Why I work on Sexyloops"

Hi Paul,

Ok this is going to be very long and a lot of this stuff you'll have heard before.

Well first off the interest is not financial. If it was I'd have stopped doing this a long time ago. Obviously recent developments have changed that somewhat but of course it doesn't account for the previous 15+ months or however long it's been. And it does seem like a lifetime occasionally. No. Money isn't it.

The site has become an obsession which it took me a while to realise. What started out as an interesting aside has become almost a full time raison d'etre. In many ways it has replaced my job in the fullest sense of what a job can be for the lucky few. I think that the opportunity of working on the site came along at a time which was right and in a way that was almost too good to be true. True synchronicity, karma or whatever.

The site itself has come to represent an outlet that embodies a creative vision that sometimes is just too good to be true. It has an owner whose 'world view' such as 'that' term means anything reflects my own. If this were 'just a flyfishing site' then I'd have stopped ages ago too but it isn't.

I can't describe it but maybe it was something that struck a chord all those moons ago that made me really take a look at it and realise that it IS different from all the others I'd looked at. It also represents the best of what the this thing called 'the web' is. Consequently having been given the chance to work on it I had to really, really look at it and think about it from a different perspective and this has proved to be very exciting.

I consider it a privilege to work on this site because it's actually trying to do something apart from make money which is why it will make money. Quality will always attract the buyers in the end and I reckon it will attract the ad men too. It cannot be classified using any of the usual web terms although many of those terms may be applied to it.

My interests are many and varied. Indeed my wife and others have 'accused me' of never sticking to one thing for very long. This is true as far as it goes except that what they have not fully realised is that the interests never actually leave me or I never leave them. Sexyloops, the site, has a range of subject matter which is amazing but doesn't phase me in the least.

I think that constant fly fishing must be like this and therefore fascinating. As a fisherman I'm crap and I don't care but flyfishing or learning to cast properly was actually always a bit of a dream. This is after all, how I tripped over the site in the first place.

This breadth of subject matter is extremely attractive to the likes of me. You demonstrate it , so does Sean and this new bloke Vegard. I think the other Scandinavians show it too. This 'it' I think is a deep interest in life and the universe around us. This is no 'mere coincidence' and I'm not saying it's synchronicity either. Sexyloops will start to act more as a magnet soon to just these kinds of people. It's why I used the word 'refuge' the other day.

In this day and age people need to have this contact with each other. It's not a club or a gang thing. Groups which I generally despise it's the like-minded contact where you can disagree without getting into a fight about it although it could quite easily happen on this board just like any other(!). Most of the people on the board for example are probably 'loners' in a positive way. They're certainly all individuals.

I am learning a lot here. Not just about FF or casting either. Or about 'bookish' things or html or general webby computer stuff. That's all intellectual. There's an aspect of communication which is truly amazing happening I believe on this site and it seems to be growing.

The site is starting to experiment with ideas and concepts now which were impossible for its owner(!) 12 months ago to consider. Well now that's different. But the most important aspect is that the methods are being used to communicate an arcane skill and area of knowledge.

There is something very important about this which I can't put my finger on but it's to do with the process of it and no doubt has a zen equivalent or whatever. Maybe it's the real act of really trying to communicate and educate and interest about an odd subject that by and large nobody 10 years ago would have considered an apt subject for the web.

I don't know but what I do know is that, for example, I'm learning about this very thing in the Experience and why I want to push it more (and have to practice more of course).

The simple fact of trying to take a video to show everybody else how bad you are is in fact no mean feat. I don't mean the crapness I mean taking the video OF the crapness and getting it to the 'press', then you have to think well now that that has been worked out how do I make this video (the content) have meaning in this context (the forum and the Experience) so that comment can be made and that it IS a useful aid and not just a gimmick.

Do you see what I mean? It's all part of the publishing process as such but there's more to it. It's deeper and this whole site is about that doing that right now.

Part of its strength lies in the fact that it IS willing to 'hang it out there' and do it in the open and it's a useful sales thing I reckon too. It helps to make the site 'alive' and not a passive, 'static' thing like every other one there is. This is not to knock the other sites it simply contrasts this site against them. Sexyloops has power because of this.

We could hang a big 'under construction' sign over the front page but that would be detrimental. We know that's the case though and as far as I'm concerned you could just as easily say "start the tackle review section now" and that's fine because it really *would* start to get filled. Same as the glossary.

Shit you've done this with River and Saltwater recently anyway. These are which are just going to grow and grow and it's *these* 2 sections which I find the most interesting and exciting. They are different from each other as chalk and cheese and yet they share a common trait and that is that they are 'alive'.

THIS is what encapsulates my interest and desire to work on this site and indeed, encapsulates the site (and its owner ) as a whole.

I did not know understand this properly (and still don't) until they'd opened but you did the same thing with the Beginner's section and these sections are a progression from that and this is the PAFFE that's missing and these sections need to be pushed damned hard. This is possibly where you need to focus attention for yourself because these sections represent more honestly the 'grounded' Paul Arden maybe.

My interest in the web as a 'thing' is caught here. Most of the rest of the web is crap compared to this. These sections have tremendous potential. This is a credit to its owner and conceiver and therefore the other big reason why I work on this site.

I like its owner. Hey, I even respect him and I consider it a privilege to think of him as a friend and to work with him on this 'thing'. As far as I'm concerned its the best show in town and I like being a part of it.

Best Regards


This is the real Sexyloops. Two people, in two entirely different situations, working together to bring you something that's that little bit different and enjoying every minute of it - Paul :-)

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