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25% more in your flies

"I only want a little. It's for a really cool PoD series on Sexyloops and you'll be one of the stars"
"What's it called?"
"What's this PoD series called?"
"25% more in your flies"
"And what does that mean exactly?
"What does 25% more in your flies actually mean?"
"Look you bastard, I only want a little bit of wool, I'm not asking for an entire fucking coat, it's not like you don't have any either, you have loads in fact, and I only want enough for a couple of sculpins, now HAND SOME OVER"
"You're making me mad"
"You called me a bastard and I don't like that"
"You're kidding me, right?"
"You are treading very dangerous ground Seanie - be very careful. Believe me: you wouldn't want to make me angry"
"Shut up you crazy sheep. Now give me fluff"

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