Sexyloops Face Socks

Sexyloops Face Socks

Paul Arden | Monday, 14 September 2020

It was suggested that we make some camouflage Sexyloops Facemasks for social distalising. And so we have! Camouflage for stealth on one side and ninja black on the other for night time operations. Basically they are £10 each with £1.50 being donated to the Sungai Tiang project we are actively involved with. Now if you go into the shop you can see there are two being sold together with International registered post included which is why the displayed price is 38.50USD! However the simplest way is to get in touch with me via email and we can figure out the price local to you. Of course if you want to buy two with International shipping then you can just click the button!

I know that there has been lots of different and often conflicting information about the use of facemasks in these challenging times, but the simple fact is that you will look better wearing one. 

You can find them here in the "Shirts" category and of course my email address is


Busy week for me. I'm actually tying some flies today, for Sailfish! More on this later but I'm pretty excited to be fly fishing for Sails next weekend. Next week of course is Sexyloops' Birthday. On 22nd of September Sexyloops will be 22 years young. Wow even I'm impressed!

The fishing here on my lake is damned hard at the moment. I might just have to to sneak down to a place where I think might be fishing its socks off.  I really need to do this because I have a few Malaysian friends who would like to visit - and I don't want a wasted trip. 

Apart from that life is great and I'm looking forward to catching a fish again :D 

Have an outstanding week!

Cheers, Paul