Sexyloops Face Sock

Sexyloops face sock


2 Reusable reversible Facemasks


It was suggested that we make some Sexyloops Camouflage Facemasks. Personally I much prefer a reusable mask, since millions of disposable ones is yet another small environmental catastrophe. So this face sock can be washed and reused. Camouflage with the Sexyloops logo on one side and stealth black for nighttime ninja operations on the other. If you have an unusual face, maybe you have a really big nose for example, then we can make a mask for you. For many people you may actually find yourself far better looking while wearing this mask. 
Registered shipping is a problem, within the UK (they are cleverly manufactured by Lee's wife, Tracey, who is a master seamstress) registered post is £6.50 and International shipping is a whopping £9.80. 
So what we are doing is this - selling TWO masks for £20 with £3 going to the Orang Asli Sungai Tiang project and this price does not include post.  If you are purchasing a rod or a flyline at the same time then shipping costs are included with the rod/line. Shirts unfortunately are sent from Malaysia so we can't send those together. Feel free to email me to discuss any customising or to clarify shipping options or in fact for a different shipping option. A further complication that prices are in USD, if the prices when you come to pay are wildly different from the above then please email me. It's also possible to pay in GBP either to a bank or PayPal. Most orders don't come through the shop, most come via email so feel free to get in touch.


PLEASE NOTE: the price here is for TWO masks shipped Internationally and we are donating £3 to the Orang Asli project. Please email me for other options 


One sock should fit all. But we can modify for the perfect fit. 
You get two masks. 
£3 is donated to the Sungai Tiang project. 
Masks are reversible. Camo and Sexyloops logo on one side. Ninja black on the opposite side.

Paul's Comments

Here in Malaysia anywhere in public one must wear a mask or go to jail. And if you go to jail you get corona virus. So wearing a mask is good idea. I’ve got so used to Facemasks in Malaysia that anyone not wearing a mask I avoid.

38.5 USD