Packing for another Malaysian Trip

Packing for another Malaysian Trip

Paul Arden | Monday, 31 October 2016

It's been a fun and eventful trip around Europe for Ashly and I. Lots of great highlights and quite an adventure. but now it's nearing time to go back "home" to my boat in the Malaysian Jungle. This time last year was quite stormy but the Snakehead fishing was still excellent. I hear from my friends who live there that it's been "wet, wet, wet". This will be interesting for Ashly and I living in the jungle! Last year when the weather turned completely to shit for two months, I fished less and took refuge in a friend's bar. However this year I shall be doing something different - fishing for Jungle Perch in the rain, camping on islands and sleeping in the boat, and filming the trip!

I actually don't know how long we are going for. I would love to fish and film an entire year of fishing. That's my fishing choice. For Sexyloops rod sales however it might be prudent to make some trips elsewhere during the winter - maybe New Zealand and/or Australia - and certainly visiting the USA and Canada next summer would make a lot of sense. Anyway I don't have to decide for now. All I know is that right now can be good for Snakehead, the next few months for Jungle Perch and then come the Dry Season (mid Jan through to end of March) is potentially amazing for Giant Gourami and then it's back to Snakehead fishing.

I love the fact that this fishing has really gotten under my skin! I love this fishing - I love living in the jungle - I love sleeping on a boat! I expect lots of stuff to go wrong - broken rods, damaged outboards - it's a harsh environment for fishing. But I also expect to catch a lot of excellent fish and further my learning there. All three species are mind-blowing!

I've been active in the Hot Torpedo Owners' Club almost every day last week, and on Facebook. Our first 10WT rods have gone into production and we've been rather busy. One of the first HT10 prototypes was used in Malaysia for Snakehead and this will no doubt be my first choice now over the HT8. The HTOC will be linked to the Front Page shortly, I'm just waiting for the web developers to catch up with my lightning pace!

I'm also thinking of taking out the soon-to-be-released Sexyloops Rampage. This is a T38/27g rod - stiff as hell for 27g - but could be good for sunk line work. I've been remarkably unsuccessful fishing for Snakehead with sinking lines, but I do believe that it must be possible. Of course clearing them from such close-quarter underwater snags is going to be a challenge and possibly and impossible one.

Finally, I'm hoping that Ashly can become Malaysia's first female fly fishing guide. This will give her access to Belum's protected north and I can help train her. There may be problems making this happen; guiding markets are notorious for self-protection but you can't get more local than living in the jungle!

Right, I have a lot to do now... winterise and secure the cabin, pack all my gear, take the batteries out the cars, feed the cats and only six days to make this happen...

Have a great week!