Paul Arden | Monday, 7 September 2020

Busy day of working for me. I’ve put the SL HT763 fly rod in the Sexyloops shop and have just made a short video about the rod. Not that there is very much to say about fly rods except they are predominantly designed for casting flylines and in this case mostly the leader!

It has taken almost 7 years to release this rod. The first prototype I received just prior to the Sexyloops Scottish Meet in Spain, which was six and a half years ago.

This is a very busy month for me coming up. I'm going fishing for Sailfish 20-24th September in Rompin, Malaysia. I need to tie a few flies for this because there is something I want to try. This date actually coincides with Sexyloops' birthday.  The plan last year was to have the birthday bash in Bosnia but COVID has prevented that. Anyway Sexyloops will be 22years old!! 

Here are some more details about the HT763.


OK storm coming in, I'll make this page live, have a beer and upload a HTOC fishing story from Tim - and then have a quick fish! :)


Have a great day!