How to practise flycasting

How to practise flycasting

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 7 February 2017

There's a good topic just started on the Board, "how to practise flycasting". In fact there's a few good topics right now, so if you fancy a more in-depth fishing or casting discussion this is the place to be. In this spot next week we have a new writer from the Florida Everglades. I have a solar panel coming my way from PowerFilm Solar - more about that next week - I pick it up on Thursday.

Here's a small video compilation of me dicking around with the rod...

Here are some Board links... (40 min practise schedule... how do you practise?) CCI test questions.

For me the Malaysian fishing has begun in ernest. I really want to catch a lot of fish this week and it's possible because Snakehead have their babies, Jungle Perch are in the margins and Cicada are about to appear and be eaten in windlanes by Giant Gourami. 

There are quite a few things happening at the moment, some adjustments to the Front Page layout, the App is being rebuilt and upgraded and we have a two new Hot Torpedo rods in the wings. 

We have a small delay with HT10 rods and are awaiting Torzite rings, not only are these the finest rings available, they are the most complicated to acquire! Europe is out of stock as far as we can work out, in fact the European wholesaler has been out of stock for three months! 

I'm really looking forward to receiving the solar panel from PowerFilm Solar. This panel should open up my fishing completely, because at the moment I have to rechange the thruster battery every second night, and that's very restrictive when it comes to fishing the far south of the lake.

If you've missed it, here is the Hot Torpedo Owners' Club where Ronan has been fishing Tim's HT4 (and loved it!).

Have a great day!

Cheers, Paul