Destination Tasmania

Destination Tasmania

Paul Arden | Monday, 18 December 2017

I've just completed a fun weekend casting course with some of the lads in Perth, WA. The course was organised by Graeme Hird (at short notice) and he managed to fill it, which impressed me no end - in fact we had to turn a couple of people away. Great fun hanging out with Graeme; we managed a little fishing, a lot of casting, some technical tackle research - weighing fly lines - and finally on the last night Graeme demonstrated how to make the Graeme Hird Leader. (I will be buying splicing needles and hollow Spectra in the near future).

Thanks Graeme for great times - Ashly and I are looking forward to seeing both of you in Malaysia.

And now - we are off to Tasmania! I haven't visited Tasmania since Ronan and I dropped in on Hair for a couple of months some years ago. SLTV series 1, episodes 5-12, were shot in Tasmania 

Flavio will be joining us too. In fact it's going to be a busy month. We plan (or at least I'm planning) to spend much more time in the Western Lakes. Ashly has bought me a new backpack for my Birthday - which is tomorrow of course - clever of Ashly to notice that my last one had fallen apart. And I intend to make full use of it over the next few months with as many trips into the backcountry as possible.

It's going to be pretty cold and miserable at times, but lots of fun too! In fact we may even kick off another few episodes of SLTV. 

As well as this if you are an HT owner and haven't send your competition entry in, then please hurry - you have only a few days left! You can view competition entries here: 

Lots coming this week. More casts in the Video Masterclass The latest photos from the jungle, and Perth. And of course all our usual FP writers. As well as the Leader Resource!

Have a great week!!!

Cheers, Paul

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