Paul Arden | Monday, 1 May 2017

I've been very busy this past week and it looks like this is set to continue for a good while to come. The weather here is raining every late afternoon at the moment - which is normal but not for this time of year! While it's doing this - and when I'm not busy teaching or taking friends fishing - it gives me the opportunity to get my head down and work on the various Sexyloops projects that I have planned . The big event at the moment, that we launched last week, is the 2017 Hot Torpedo Competition, with a new entry coming in daily and many more expected to come. It's very interesting for me to see how Hot Torpedo rods are being successfully used around the world and very gratifying to see how many enthusiastic owners we have!

Last week while Ashly and I were in Thailand I was working on the owners' database and I've noticed that I'm missing some email contacts of owners. If you own a Sexyloops Hot Torpedo and I didn't email you last week then please please get in touch with me with your rod and serial number. I really want to keep in touch with you guys and follow your successes! :)

Also we have a competition just for you, the details were published last week and you can see the first five entries posted in the Hot Torpedo Owners' Club.

Last weekend I wrote a review on the PowerFilm Solar panel that I have and operate on my boat here in the jungle I'm a strong believer in Solar energy. These panels are wonderful and you can read the full review here.

PowerFilm Solar interviewed me for their blog last month. If you haven't heard it you can check that out here too.

I have two other major projects on the go at the moment, one of which may actually change your life, but I'll release the details of this soon. And the other is the Sexyloops App Version 2. The App is working again finally on the latest iOS for iPhones (it was always working on iPads) and the next version will have many improvements from rewind/slow-motion buttons, to linked information pages, as well as links into the Board where you can ask for help. I have some other ideas for the App as well, but first up is these key features.

This week Chuan is coming back to fish with me for Giant Snakehead and Giant Gourami - and we might get some shots at Jungle Perch too! Then I have five days of fishing with Ashly before a trip to the Indonesian Fly Show in Jakarta. I'm looking forward to that event and plan to show the Snakehead casting shots I'm using and teaching here in Belum as well as some of the games we play at the World Championships - I shall work on my distance casting this week. Today's POD is a shot of me doing this last month.

Have a fantastic week!

Cheers, Paul

PS one more thing - I'm working on the next edition of Snapcast - the only monthly newsletter to come out every three years. You can subscribe to this exciting event here. Thanks!!