Paul Arden | Monday, 20 February 2017

It's been an interesting couple of weeks chasing Adult Snakehead on their babies. On a good day Ashly and I are getting ~8 shots combined. Now I would like to think that out of 8 shots we would be getting six fish, and I'm sure that is possible. But the truth is the Snakehead seem more inclined to chase rather than eat! However I'm working on flies, have had some success on sunk flies and we're working on other Popper variations as you can see in this week's 5 MINS video. Vince's Loud-Mouth Diving Popper With Tongue Sticking Out may be a game-changer.

While High-Sticking a stump last week I managed to break the tip on my trusty HT8. Fortunately RIO have sent me a couple of Technical Tarpon tapers in 10WT - which have a head length of 60ft - so the HT10 and Tarpon 10WT line has now become my standard rig for Giant Snakehead. It will be interesting to compare the results. I'm pretty sure that the delivery shot is slower (thicker line) and it certainly comes in harder (might need to lengthen up the leader), but it also makes fish fighting far easier and I can even use the rod to turn the fish - something which is not possible with the 8WT.

We also have a new sponsor for Sexyloops, a company from the USA who manufacture rollable solar panels - Powerfilm Solar. This should mean that we are completely independent from the Rainforest Resort in that we don't have to return to the Bar to recharge the thruster battery every second night. More on this later after I've used the panel for a week or so!

It's great to be fishing solidly 6 or 7 days/week. I'm really looking to up my game here; I know I can take Snakehead off babies more often than not. Some fly development is in order. Also I have a cunning plan for the chasers; to lift the line off the water and make a reversed Snake Roll to replace the fly 3-4 metres in front of the chasing fish and at a 60 degree pulling direction in front of their faces (I think this will need a video to explain!). Landing six Giant Snakehead would be a hell of a day here on fly, my best has been 4 which I've managed twice now.

At the time of writing this - early evening - I am hearing something rather exciting... CICADAS!!! Ever since last year I've been looking forward to the huge jungle Cicadas reappearing and for the Giant Gourami dry fly action that follows. Last year, for a one week period, there were 40 shots/day to be had a cruising Gourami eating Cicada. No doubt this was part of a several weeks long period but I only discovered it towards the end. I got to experiment a little with flies, but Dron Lee in Kuala Lumper has tied some quite amazing patterns for me to try. I also experimented a little with different spectra types for leader material and in particular different colours. There is a lot of work to be done here, but the potential this time of year offers is enormous. Can you imagine getting 40 shots at cruising fish of between 5 and well over 10lbs in a four-hour period?

Last week Pete asked me why I was here, in Malaysia, when the fly fishing was so obviously very hard. It's a good question, but I think that the POD today might explain it better than I ever could in words!

Have a great week and remember, this (and every week) is a great week to buy a Sexyloops HT Fly Rod! We have just taken in a new shipment of blanks and the very difficult to find, Torzite Titanium rings. The HT10 is or current best seller!