A week with Way Yin

A week with Way Yin

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Through popular request on the Board, Way Yin will be this week’s special guest star.

I first met “Bubba” at a CLA Gamefair, more than a few years ago, where he was warming up his Spey casting at the beer tent. That year he took first prize in overhead DHD distance. And I think he may have come third in the Spey but my memory on these things can never be trusted.

When his Spey-to-Z video came out (review from Lars here: The Three Amigos), I remember being impressed with the method Way used to go from a Belgian Cast to a Switch Cast and it's something I use myself and mention in this page/video The Switch Cast

So... Spey Casting, Rock and Roll, Guns...a week with Way Yin

Cheers, Paul