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Spey to Z - Understanding Traditional, Scandinavian and Skagit Style Speycasting with a single and double handed flyrod.

Spey to ZWay Yin kicks off the movie with a chapter on what flycasting really is - tight loops/wide loops, tailing loops, appropriate application of power, SLP, timing, casting plane, acceleration, hauling, stroke and more are explained in a simple and clear way!

Way then moves on to explain the transition from overhead to speycasting, putting strong emphasis that the same mechanics still govern the cast and that the principles for speycasting and overheadcasting are the same. Moving onto the anchor, the importance of the 180 degree principle is emphasized.All through the movie, these principles are in focus, and I feel that the movie gives a very good understanding of the differences between Spey casting, Underhand casting and Skagit casting, and maybe even more, gives an even better understanding of the similarities betweeen the different casts.

Way Yin demonstrates all the basic principles and Traditional Speycasting, Greg Pearson demonstrates and explains Skagitcasting and finally, Topher Browne demonstrates and explains Underhand- or Scandinavian casting. Of course you will find all the stuff that you expect to find as well, chapters on troubleshooting, advanced casts as the snake roll, anchor control, spiral singlehand and much more!

The Three AmigosFrom left to right, Greg Pearson, Topher Browne and Way Yin.

The movie is well thought out, and I am especially fond of the emphasis on the similarities rather than the differences between the different styles. The progression is well though out and overall, the movie gives a very good impression of what Speycasting really is. There's no mojo or voodoo, just a poor backcast (watch the movie and that punchline will make sense :-).

The Three amigos are non-profit and all proceeds from the movie are earmarked for conservation!

Produced by Three Amigo Productions and Scientific Anglers.
Runningtime: 93min 29sec.
58 chapters in all.
Check out the Spey to Z website for more info on the dvd and previews.

Lars Chr. Bentsen (Viking Lars) ( is a medieval archeologist flyfisherman - possibly the first. When not plundering, he either flyfishes the salt "concentrating at all times" or else investigates ruined castles, abbeys and burial mounds (this is true-life stuff). He is an FFF Certified (or at least certifiable) Master Flycasting Instructor and has a bag fetish. Lars lives with Pauline and their daughters, Anna and Elvira, and they try to live with him.

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