Picture of the Day
Stillwater Fly

take one pinch of seal's fur

Shipman's Buzzer

two olive goose biots

Hot Shipman's

a summer duck

Suspender buzzer

two winter rabbits

Suspender Reverse

a hedgehog

Deer Hair Sedge

several miles of tinsel

Sedge 2

one bottle of red wine

Shipman's Part2

erm, that was *two* bottles of red wine

Hare's Ear

one bottle of light of Apgai

Lake Olive

some velcro

Guess the Fly

public hair


from a virgin


(only kidding)

Mystery Fly

- you won't be needing the hedgehog

Autumn Spain

some belly button fluff


carefully selected ear wax

Tying on the Road

three imaginary objects for saltflies

Sean's Tinsels

a little vibrating thing

Dutch Trouble

3 Kilos of chenille (white)

Mobile Bunnies

three condoms (one flavoured)


tiger feet


silk stockings (worn)

Pink Thing

and a tea bag

Too Much


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